Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

--> The tropical evergreen forest in Brazil is so enormous that it is like the lungs of the earth.

--> Tropical Evergreen Forests --> These forests are also called tropical rainforests . These thick forests occur in the regions near the equator and close to the tropics. These regions are hot and receive heavy rainfall throughout the year. As there is no particular dry season, the trees do not shed their leaves altogether. This is the reason they are called evergreen.

--> Anaconda, one of the world’s largest snakes is found in the tropical rainforest. It can kill and eat a large animal such as a crocodile.

--> Tropical Deciduous Forests --> Tropical deciduous are the monsoon forests found in the large part of India,northern Australia and in central America.

--> Temperate Evergreen Forests --> The temperate evergreen forests are located in the midlatitudinal coastal region. They are commonly found along the eastern margin of the continents, e.g., In south east USA, South China and in South East Brazil.

--> Temperate Deciduous Forests --> As we go towards higher latitudes, there are more temperate deciduous forests . These are found in the north eastern part of USA, China, New Zealand, Chile and also found in the coastal regions of Western Europe.

--> Mediterranean trees adapt themselves to dry summers with the help of their thick barks and wax coated leaves which help them reduce transpiration.

--> Mediterranean regions are known as ‘Orchards of the world’ for their fruit cultivation.

--> Coniferous Forests --> In the higher latitudes (50° – 70°) of Northern hemisphere the spectacular Coniferous forests are found. These are also called as Taiga. These forests are also seen in the higher altitudes.

-->Grasslands are known by different names in different regions. Tropical Grasslands
East Africa- Savanna
Brazil- Campos
Venezuela- Llanos
Temperate Grasslands
Argentina- Pampas
N. America- Prairie
S. Africa- Veld
C. Asia- Steppe
Australia- Down

--> Tick the correct answer.

(i) Mosses and Lichens are found in:
(a) Desertic Vegetation
(b) Tropical evergreen forest
(c) Tundra vegetation

(ii) Thorny bushes are found in:
(a) Hot and humid tropical climate
(b) Hot and dry desertic climate
(c) Cold polar climate

(iii) In tropical evergreen forest, one of the common animals is:
(a) Monkey
(b) Girraffe
(c) Camel

(iv) One important variety of coniferous forest is:
(a) Rosewood
(b) Pine
(c) Teak

(v) Steppe grassland is found in
(a) S. Africa
(b) Australia
(c) Russia

--> Match the following.

(i) Walrus (a) Soft wood tree
(ii) Cedar (b) An animal of tropical deciduous forest
(iii) Olives (c) A polar animal
(iv) Elephants (d) Temperate grassland in Antarctica
(v) Campos (e) A citrus fruit
(vi) Downs (f) Tropical grassland of Brazil