More Human, Less Humanity

We are living in an era where we believe humanity to exist. We talk about humanity. We think we are the most developed and sensible species on this planet. We think we are more responsible for everything.

The Slippery Slope to Misguided Feminism

Advocation for gender equality and rights have gained full momentum in the 21st century. Women have protested against the injustices pervading all domains of life – in the workplace, at home, on the streets. Truly, we have come a long way.

Don’t pity the sexual predator!

Pity is an expensive emotion, please don’t waste it on feeling PITY for the child sexual predator, they CHOOSE to ABUSE innocent children. Save your compassion for the stolen and lost children!

Nothing Truly Great Can Be Accomplished In A Lifetime!

Keep doing your best even when it’s difficult. Keep loving, giving, and serving. Your faithfulness is noticed in Heaven. You are storing up equity for both yourself and generations to come.


Finally, have started my blog after a lot of contemplation and if you are anything like me, Confused and Indecisive, you would have also pondered a lot regarding what your first post should be.

A Reply TO Assailant

I bent on him by holding his shoulder. He thought I was going to hug him tight. Then I kicked him hard in his crotch. His face paled due to pain and he fell down to the ground holding his crotch.