More Human, Less Humanity

We are living in an era where we believe humanity to exist. We talk about humanity. We think we are the most developed and sensible species on this planet. We think we are more responsible for everything.

The Slippery Slope to Misguided Feminism

Advocation for gender equality and rights have gained full momentum in the 21st century. Women have protested against the injustices pervading all domains of life – in the workplace, at home, on the streets. Truly, we have come a long way.

You’re Not Alone; God’s Got This!

Are you in a mess? Contemplating suicide? Hold on! You’re not alone. God’s got this!

Somewhere today you have already, probably said it, “I’m in a mess”. And that’s true. Not only you, but for me, and most people at every level of living.

When it was CHILDHOOD !!

In those days of childhood,

When I was under the hood,

Of mom and dad and all around,

When I was always home bound.


Finally, have started my blog after a lot of contemplation and if you are anything like me, Confused and Indecisive, you would have also pondered a lot regarding what your first post should be.

My Story, My Turn

*Content Warning: sexual assault, rape*

I was in high school when it happened. And for years, I didn’t even realize what I had been through. It took until my first year of college, as the Me Too Movement was beginning to take off, for it to register that I had been raped, too.

Share your Story to Motivate Many

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