The wait is over! We provide you the platform where you can share your voice, share your thoughts and experiences on issues which needs to be addressed. Not just that, we will also turn your voice into action.


An attempt to create a harmonious environment within the country from an individual to a community to a society to a nation.


We at www.flyhiee.com choose topics and issues which needs to be addressed primarily within the government and outside in a very constructive forms collectively mixed up with the history linked with the issue, it's logical approach, practical implementation from the authorities, it's philosophical and psychological analysis and also considering if the issue needs to be addressed on a scientific evidences.

Who we are?

Just a bunch of guys among you who walked years criticising everything that we didn't like and always waited patiently to see things in a structured way but years have passed and we're now done waiting. It's time for people like me and you to walk and take a stand for ourselves inorder to prevent us from being misunderstood as ignorants, which the thought gives them the courage to manipulate or play dices with us.

What we provide?

We choose topics and issues which creates or have been the reasons which they never fails to take advantage of, for their own benefits. Thus, leaving hundreds, thousands, or may be million being victimised for their atrocities.

We offer handwritten articles which spreads a different insight into existing perception towards the society and it's way of perceiving issues.

We also provide unbiased and deeply researched news articles which would help you form a different opinion about different aspects of our reality.

Discussion section is also to our genuine readers where you can raise your argument and if needed we’d stand shoulder to shoulder with you to turn your voice into action.

www.flyhiee.com is a completely unbiased, existential and independent sets of ideas which aims to create awareness and bring changes into the existing polluted environment, for you, me and our future generation.