Actions speaks louder than words…

The words state that we just promise or say, someone..that we will do something but action states that we are really doing something.

some times words are just to be spoken, it get to mix up with air and flow away but actions can realize people someone that you are doing something.

But today, my story is not on those actions and words…
I was traveling from Churchgate to virar by train. I saw one girl, her age was probably 19-20 was with her mother.

she was looking tired and hence she plugged a headphone in her ears. sitting at corner sit with ear closed eyes.

Her mother was trying to say something but she was unable to understand what was her mother is saying just because of headphone. Hence her mother started to explain her by making action i.e. sign language. Maybe they both could understand sign language.

Another side 42 years old lady, with a great personality and simple attitude. she was watching them w. she went and sat beside that girl and asked by action ” you can’t speak?”

suddenly girl removed her headphone n said I can but she was tired hence she was silent. But in actual that lady told them she couldn’t speak or listen. She was deaf. But mother and girl could understand her sing language hence she started telling them about her life, children, her situation. and that girl and her mother understood and they were also taking with her by actions by sing language as we talk with normal people. That lady told them that she always wanted someone to talk with her, gossip with her but she was deaf so no one could talk but, that day she was happy because she had found someone who made gossips with her and girl and mother was smiling because it was something new experience for them. that I met one stranger who is deaf and only they could understand her language. The girl was energetic while talking with that lady. She forgot that she was tired.
Other ladies including me were watching them from 1 hour. and we didn’t understand how time was passed…

But simply it tells us that if we understand people by their action, it gets easy to interact. Not only a single word was spoken when they 3 were gossiping.
It simply states that words aren’t necessary when 1 heart can understand another’s heart.


By  Aarti Gharat, India

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  1. This is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing! Reminds us all that it doesn’t take a huge action to make someone smile.

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