Almost Relationship

One of the terrible words that exist which is so close into something but still out of reach. The saddest word that will make you question your worth. That maybe, you’re not good enough to someone. You don’t possess the physical appearance that they are dreaming of. You’re not smart enough and will never fit their standards.

Same feelings and same experiences, it feels like real but it doesn’t have any label at all. The kilig to the bones and the butterflies in your stomach are real, however, we felt like we are so attached to someone who wasn’t sure how they felt towards us. And that’s the saddest part of it. Accepting that an almost relationship is one of the hardest to get over of.

Perhaps, all our what ifs are the only thing that keep us to continue that unlabelled relationship. However, we are so afraid to speak up of what we truly feel. We want to tell that someone to put at least a boundaries and limitations, in order for us to know where we actually stand. It’s really hard to experienced an almost relationship because at the end of the day, it will be hard for us to start over again. It will cause so much pain that is unbearable. Afraid of taking another risk because they might leave us hanging in a thread again.

You will be on the point in your life that you’ll overthink of this relationship that it will never going to happen and you’ll just keep ignoring that idea believing that soon you’ll have that label or title but the world is going to slap you of reality that an almost relationship will never turned into real relationship.

It’s hard to move on when it’s over. We all aware that being in an almost relationship, you can’t demand anything. You can’t ask for any closure or even for an explanation. You will end up questioning why the unlabelled relationship ended. Maybe, it was not the kind of love that he’s /she’s looking for. But believe me, you’re enough and worthy to be love, maybe they left you hanging because they are not ready yet in a serious type of relationship. Why is it hard? It’s not because of accepting why you two didn’t end up together but because of the time you misspend with someone who you thought is the right one. Unfortunately, All those sweet actions and messages are something that you really needed but you couldn’t have it.

But at the end of the day, when an almost relationship is over. YOU NEED TO MOVE ON. You can’t be stuck to someone who doesn’t need you at all. You have to accept that your dream of having him as your better-half will never turn into reality. Don’t settle for less.

Someday, you will cross paths with someone who will never leave you hanging. Someone who will put a label on your relationship. Someone who will make you believe in love again. Someone who has good quality that the other person doesn’t have.

It will be hard at first but swear, after you finally let him go, you will have this feeling that you are worthy and don’t deserve a guy like that. Be strong in getting over of that kind of relationship.

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