Anger – The positive Emotion

People often scream, shout, yell and show different reactions when things go in a non-coordinated fashion. The negative and pessimist behavioral approach comes when an individual is not able to express some mechanisms going inside his mind .He does not find expressions to express them.

Apparently we find mostly it to be a negative emotion –the anger, which is not true in a logical sense if given a proper thought.  It exists universally. A natural and expected part of our grief

We see anger as a problem as It’s scary in nature. Ever we asked to ourselves why we get mad?

Probably never, only we complain they showed anger, he is angry ,etc. we can talk about anything almost where we observe anger arise, take the case ,your opponent defeated you, man in the vehicle drove at snail pace, your employees are lethargic and many more .So many of the circumstances arise where you feel it is born.

The reason is provocation.

Unpleasant answers/situations

Unfair results/behavior

Goals blocked


All of them are the ingredients of the recipe anger

Can we look for a minute every time when we get angry we blame the external factors, we put our needs before others or we overgeneralize things?

A burning response hence is brought up.

Your anger exists in you as an emotion and not in circumstances or people. It arises a fear alert to danger, it confronts the injustice, withholds mental limiting ability to make you free from the clutches of low morale, preventing you to become a victim.

From the physical changes that appear in you like mental alertness, i.e. adrenaline rush ,your mouth dries up its your energy levels get consumed speedily ,the appearance becomes blush ,the role of neurotransmitters employing, hence not a demon which is actually spoken up about anger

It is this emotion that was present in our forefathers also through which it transcended to us when they resented the same against natural calamities against brutal and unkind forces of nature, the result of which is we exist in today through evolution mechanism.

Anger is the thirst to go ahead      it’s   the motivator, it’s your hunger the know the unknown. We all have a psychological balance to immediately normalize after being angry, as your hunger motivates to eat, your protest to injustice gives a way to independence but in a positive manner

It can be channelized accordingly to get the results not by reacting backwards; you have to channelize it into something positive and civilized manner.

“If you can create it you can transform it too”


13 thoughts on “Anger – The positive Emotion”

  1. I love your perspective on this, and how anger does not have to be a negative thing. Learning to fuel all that energy into something positive is a beautiful way to befriend and use anger; I love how the quote at the end shows that.

  2. Anger indeed is not a negative emotion at all. All emotions that we have are there for a reason. Evolution has supported them for a reason. Anger is not negative, especially when you direct in a positive way. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I liked your persepective. It shows that your thoughts aren’t based on black and white. They have a different optic than the basic one! So thank you for this!

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