Men cheats and stays, a women cheats and leaves

By Nwokesonye Henry, Nigeria

 Seldom do men get penalized when caught in act of unfaithfulness, not only do they go Scot-free, they get praised by their peers, friends and drinking pals for their escapades with other women.

But then the fate of most women who ended up doing the same thing as the men is eviction. From their homes, relationships or whatever engagement they are into with a man.

That begets the question “has the word cheating a different meaning to men?” “Did any natural law approve or sign off on men cheating without being penalised?”


A man said to me “I pray to the Holy Spirit to help me quit running after women other than my wife, but if my wife should cheat, she’s going home to her parents.”

Another said “it is not easy to stick to just my wife but she can’t dare to try it”

A woman said men are polygamous in nature, which is why you see a man married to more than one woman. Could it be the superiority factor that has affected the way the issue has been treated or could it be a result of the beliefs and societal influences?

Let’s examine the views of respondents on this issues as it affects women in the society.

Is being polygamous in nature enough excuse to cheat and go scot-free or is cheating inexcusable for both parties and deserve maximum punishment for the any offender be it man or woman?

Isidore says; cheating is just fun for men, not really for love. Felicia says; women are mistreated very often when it comes to unfaithfulness, no one will ask a man to leave but a woman’s bag will be sent flying.

Sandra says; honestly I don’t know what the right punishment will be for men, I will simply break up with my man if we are dating but if married I don’t know to what to do.

Franklin says; if my wife cheats, she is going home straight up, no two ways.

Grace says; men and women should have equal right in any relationship so when the both do something like that the other party will deal with it properly.

Mma says; it’s a complicated situation for women, almost helpless for us, the worst a woman can do here is leave the house for your husband or divorce which doesn’t help much.

IK says; a man cheats just to satisfy sexual urge and nothing much, so a woman should understand that.

Ademola says; only a shameless man would cheat on his wife but if my wife cheats on me, I will take it she no longer loves me and she has to go.

Over to you reader…..what is your view on this?

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