The Power Of Foreplay in Sex

By Nwokesonye Henry, Nigeria

 There is a natural and effective way to maximize the euphoria and ecstasy that comes with sexual relations and it has nothing to do with performance drugs be it traditional (herbal) or pharmaceutical, it is called foreplay.Foreplay involves a set of physical and emotional act that precedes arousal thus leading to sexual act. it involves kissing of mouth, breast, inner thighs, blow jobs, touching of erogenous zones in general . It also includes compliments, subtle comments with calmness and tenderness, this can be referred to as verbal foreplay and they all precedes penetration. A good foreplay should last between 20-30 minutes.


Foreplay before sexual intercourse is highly recommended as it stimulates the body and relax the genitalia. for the men it reduces the quick ejaculation issues, prolong the duration, hardening without over stretching the erectile muscles of the penis. for the women proper lubrication of the vagina, and stimulation and awakening f the sensitive parts of her body for women that takes longer period to warm-up.

Men with quick ejaculation issue are compelled by their wives/girlfriends to engage in foreplay first to enable them contain the excitement and rush that leads to quick ejaculation. That way relationship and marriages would not wreck due to dissatisfaction during sexual relations.

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