Things about the condom

By Vrushali Khadilkar , India
Things about the condom

 We just know things and have curiosity to know them at certain age.

Ten years before from now I wasn’t knowing what condoms are. What are they? I just had curiosity about the arousing and sensual poses on the packs.. That’s it?

When I used to stare at those packs and the elder whoever was with Me used to get damn uncomfortable.. I was just curious… what exactly is in there…

Then!! In later years in the biology we all were introduced to the chapters which was based on reproduction…We drew diagrams.. We studied it carefully and still remember lots of stuffs..

Then it was all cleared through the notes and internet that what all condoms are. Why they are..

Which guy carries it along..? That used to be the breaking news lots of times..

And now times have changed It’s always good if a women carries condoms along..

There are many women who have fear of having a kiddo though they have wore a condom while intercourse because they read that 98% condom can prevent unplanned pregnancy. They assume that they could be among the remaining 2% …

But if used in incorrect way then the sperms can get in..

So!! If there isn’t enough lubrication and friction then condom can break. If there is the contact of nails.. Teeth and piercing then also there are chances of condom breaking.. AVOID keeping condoms in a hot place, compartment; Don’t use expired condoms.. and using the same condom more than once. Remember that condoms are the best birth control..

Times are changing there and women have full right to go at the store and make the choice of condoms.

If we look back in history condoms were used to prevent venereal disease. The resources show that the first use of condom was when King Minos of Crete, pasiphate, his wife employed a goats bladder in the vagina so that the king won’t harm her as his semen was said to contain “scorpions of serpents” that killed his mistress.

The Egyptian used condom like glan cap which were dyed in different colors to distinguish between different classes of people. Ancient Romans used the bladder of animals.

So, Charles Goodyear, the inventor, utilized Vulcanisation , process of transforming rubber into malleable latex.

Talking about female condoms it was used somewhere in New Guinea where a female sheath made from a specific plant was introduced.

But male condoms were used more just like now.

Let’s get some question answered :

Q: Does condoms works when in the water?

A: Yes!! The water shall not include chlorine and other additives as it could bother the latex. Make sure you wear the condom and go in the water.

Q: Can we use lubricants with condoms.

A: Yes!! Lots of condoms comes along with lubrication. You can use more as per your convenience

After the usage dispose away the condoms in right way as told in the instructions.

You shall know that if you are using condom there is nothing bad but you are avoiding lots of unplanned things.

Make sure you go at the store now and get yourself a condom. Store it in cool and dry place ..