Crying In The Rain

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I have become comfortable crying in the rain

It hides my tears

No one can see the scars from battles that left me battered and bruised

She can’t see me cry

She can’t see my scars


Thought they said when you find love

You keep it close

Treasure it like the summer breeze

Guess the joke is on me?


The nights are longer

My fever is high

My eyes are dancing with pain, dull, and teary

Thought I was safe with her

I am terrified


I sit and watch

Blurred lines everywhere

As the rain pours down and cascades through my bruised skin

Love isn’t meant to hurt

Wished our heartbeats to be one again


You can’t choose who you happen to love

The heart always wants what it wants

I tried to choose what I should feel, how I should feel

Struggled after dark with my emotions

Tried to force her image out of my head

Without permission, I fell in love with her

Helplessly…With no insurance to pay for damages


If only I could turn back…

Turn back to the day we first said hello

Maybe we could find our way back to each other’s heart

You gave us some place to go


Never got the chance to say thank you for that

Thought I would get one more chance for that

Now, I’ll never have the chance

Wondering what we think of each other now


I don’t want to hurt anymore

I don’t want to cry anymore

I guess I have to let you go

When the rain stops


Love and Blessings

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One thought on “Crying In The Rain


    ♡ Many Folk Look At, Observe and Regard Me with Pity and ‘Tut Tuts’ et al because I have No Partner EveryOne; I Have Had Partners which is why I have No Partners now which is Mutual, Symbiotic and WorthWhile amongst ALL My Exes… with ALL Due Respect to My Exes noone I Know is Worthy of Me as a Partner in My View; they just Keep Telling Me What To Do instead of Asking Nicely and I Don’t Like Being TOLD WHAT TO DO!!! and, even worse, They Do As They ARE Told By Me when I AM NOT Asking Nicely 😕 …yet I AM TOTALLY WILLING!!! to Continue to Have Conversation with Them even when They Have Said “CUT OFF ALL COMMUNICATION FOREVER 😡😬😠 !!!” now This is a TOTALLY DUMB ABSOLUTE!!! it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that this Deluded, MisGuided Perception of Separation is Very, Very, Very Bad for Creative/Sporting/Business Practices and Personal Relationships…as a Writer I Crave Solitude and Isolation EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Love My Peace and Quiet 🤓🙄🤗 …I AM SOMB, rhymes with WOMB, (Soul Observer Mind Body) EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that ALL of My Aspects ARE Equally Important so I Identify Equally with ALL of Them 😇


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