Do You Know Who You Are?: Monday Reflections

My Monday morning reflection is: do you know who you are?

Knowing who we truly are is prerequisite to find happiness and fulfillments in all aspects of our lives.

Do you really want to know who you are? Then find answers to these questions:

  1. What are the negative sequences of behavior are you prey to in relationships?

  2. What talents do you display most at work and off work?

  3. Who are you mostly attracted to in love?

  4. What scares you most: success or failure? How do you react to both?

  1. How would people describe you in your presence or absence?

  2. How well do you receive criticism and feedbacks be it positive or negative?

  3. How do you handle life challenges and frustrations?

  4. Can you differentiate between your emotions and rational thoughts?

#Monday reflections

Blessings and Love ❤️💕

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