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By faiza hussein , United Kingdom

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So this post will be all about my favorite body lotions that I love to use on a regular basis. This post will be a review of three different branded body lotions which I have tried before and I will be reviewing them for you.

1: The Axis electric pink perfumed body lotion


This product is a body lotion which I've used before. It has an amazing smell to it. It's a very light and creamy texture. Which I absolutely love ❤️!!!

There are a few downsides which I could say about this product. This body lotion contains perfume and alcohol that wouldn't make it an all natural product. It's also not good for dry skin. I have dry skin and this body lotion has a very thin layer where after a few hours I have to re apply onto to my skin again. It makes my skin dry really quickly and I end up reapplying it on my skin every 2 - 3 hours. And there's a lot of hours in a day so that is a lot of reapplying this body lotion on my skin.

2: The 5th Avenue moisturizing body lotion by Elizabeth Arden

Product This body moisturizer is very smooth in the skin. It has an amazing smell, not perfume like but it gives you a luxurious feel on your skin. At first it feels light but soon gets heavy after moisturizing. It hydrates your skin for longer periods of time. You don't need to reapply as much with this body moisturizer.

So far with this one I have no downsides for.

3: L'extase Nina Ricci sensual body lotion


This body lotion is the best by far. It has a good feel to your skin, a scented smell that you'll love and it is soft on your skin. This body lotion will last on your body for long periods of time and I can say it is good for dry skin. It doesn't say much on the ingredients but I know that this is an amazing product to get.


So out of all of these being my favourites, my most favourite being number one, is the 5th avenue moisturising body lotion by Eizabeth Arden. This is the best lotion I have used so far out of all three of them. It is the bomb and a definite must have. Even though I am not sure where I got these from, I bought these a long time ago. So if you can find these somewhere, then great. If not, I am truly sorry. (eeeek! yikes!)

That is all from me for now. Thank you for reading. And I hope enjoyed this review.

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