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All the good deeds are going to count. The best thing you can do for yourself is being positive and get in doing good deeds to others. Helping a blind person crossing road, giving hand to old people, appreciating and bringing smile on other people’s face. And we all have experienced that doing all these good deeds brings inner peace and joy. When one wakes up they shall follow the feeling grateful routine. Doing these will create good vibes. No matter how bad the situation may appear ‘do good deeds’. The extent to which we are able to meet life’s difficulties with grace is the measure of our wisdom.

It is said that 60% of our body has water. And that water, as we know is affected by the vibrations of our thinking. And if we act well and try to put our mind and body in working for good deeds automatically positive vibrations will help our body and mind.
For young generation, nowadays, we simply don’t understand what social awareness or anything sort off is. What we people do is just forward the message ,post on our social media account telling that we support such and such campaign and that’s it nobody works on ground. Just to post, like and share the feed(which is useless sometimes) have become a ‘good’ deed for the generation. More work is required on the field/ground rather than just getting those dopamine shots in the brain by seeing those likes and stupid illusion of being an influencer.

If you want to start a work in creating awareness about depression and helping people out you shall join an organization which works for the same purpose. Creating awareness is helping the people out and not just posting on social media. When you try to make someone get clarity and solve their puzzle of life that’s what doing good deed is. People who are stressed need one to one talk or connection and not a chat on social media could be that affective. Because as we know social media can get you more stressed out. No doubt, social media helps you to get aware and reach out to people but more usage of social media than normal can cause FOMO.

So, keep in control. Doing the controllable deed can keep your mind and body healthy. There are lots of things to talk about doing good deeds but I want you all to do at least one good deed to yourself and that’s use less social media.

Good deeds we do come back to us just like a boomerang. If we sow the seeds of prickly plant, can we expect a crop of roses? No. From seed of the fig tree will sprout only a fig plant, not a mango sapling. Ancient Hindu religion proclaims the law of Karma which says we reap in this life the fruit of the actions of our past lives. There is universal law that there is no effect without a cause. Emerson, a famous American writer who studied Indian philosophy deeply called “the law of compensation “. Jesus Christ also made the divine statement that “As you sow, so shall you reap”.

Karma then is not anything mystical. It’s simply a description of psychology of happiness. It’s not an external force, but a feedback mechanism. And it’s not a judgement, but the natural result of how we act.
As George Eliot stated “Our deeds determine us, As much as we determine our deeds.
So, keep on doing good deeds and make your life better.


We women are born to be free and it doesn’t matter which country we belong to. Indian women for rural areas still face trouble while getting education. Education is the birthright and it builds the foundation. When there is literate women in the family each and every one gets knowledge from her which are called ‘sanskars’ or you can say morals. Nation shall see to it that it does good deed and enrich people’s life.

To come out of the box I appeal my friends to break the barriers and listen at your heart. You are worth it and you are capable..!!

By- Vrushali k

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