Hey ya’ll I hope ya’ll are well, this day is a bad day for me, I was awaken at 530am by a call from mama informing me one of my cousins who was raised with me like a sister when we were kids was MURDERED last night by a man who’d been stalking her. I’M NUMB AND IN SHOCK, she was only 40 years old with 2 kids and 1 grandchild and now she’s gone, FOREVER!! She’s my second cousin to have been murdered in the last 20 years, my other male cousin was shot to death in his home while defending his sister from her abusive baby daddy once she left him and moved in with her brother tired of being beat up on a daily basis, he walked to the door of my cousin’s house yelling through the door as my cousin attempted to diffuse the situation, the guy shot 6 times through the door striking my cousin in the chest killing him in front of his wife, kids, mother (my aunt), and sister and now here we are ONCE AGAIN BURYING A COUSIN FROM A VIOLENT ACT!!! WOW I’M JUST NUMB!!!

My cousin did the right thing LEGALLY by filing restraining orders and notifying others of her stalking but nothing stopped him from breaking into her house and strangling her to death, he then drove her to the hospital leaving her there for people to walk by staring at her as she lay there DEAD. He then drove her car to my aunt’s home left it there with no explanation and fled the scene. He turned himself into the police later I’m sure we’ll find out what happens next in the near future, in the meantime I must begin my mourning process for my cousin who grew up with me more as a sister than cousin, my cousins and I spent every weekend with each other throughout our childhood, our grandmother was our parent’s free babysitter so we all meet at grandma’s each day to play, fight, and eat.

The timing of this couldn’t be more strange, I just finished early voting, this go around the voters were more prepared to vote so I spent most of my time joking around, giving men and women compliments on their outfits (some of them were SHARP AS A TACK), MOST IMPORTANTLY, I spent my time witnessing and praying for people who were hurting. One girl just lost her best friend so I asked if I could pray for her, she consented and I prayed for her on the spot for healing and comfort during her bereavement time, shortly thereafter a regular voter came in this time without her husband, she was crying as she stood in line to get her application to vote, she began talking to my boss who she’s known for years continuing to cry between sentences. Once she finished her conversation she came to me as I put my arm around her leading her to the voting machine to vote not knowing why she was so upset and not caring the reason just sensing in my spirit that I needed to pray for her AND SO I DID, I put both arms around her, holding her as she cries and I began praying for her. I felt so sorry for her I wished I could do more but at that time prayer to me seemed to be the safest bet.

Once we finished praying together, she thanked me, and hugged me again before starting her voting process so I walked away to get my next customer. Lastly, a single woman who’s been searching for a husband has become discouraged because of time passing and no opportunities on the horizon. As she told me her story I remembered being in her same position 7 months ago before MY DAVID came knocking on my door, so once she finished venting, I told her MY STORY and how I had to SIT DOWN IN ORDER TO BE FOUND, it motivated her to KEEP ON KEEPIN ON and she left feeling more bubbly than she did when she arrived because without faith it’s impossible to please God and I’ve always had faith the Lord would send me my husband WHEN HE FELT I WAS READY FOR HIM!

WE JUST GOT THE AUTOPSY REPORT ON MY COUSIN, she died from a heart attack while being assaulted and choked to death, there are marks on her neck and big patches of hair missing from her head  down to the roots, the detectives have vowed to get some answers and solve this case giving me and my family the closure we need to move forward. I’ve prayed for my family in between mourning my cousin, my heart is broken for her and her kids, I can only hope this tragedy can bring our broken family back together, we’ve been estranged for quite some time, my mom and I’ve been praying we get it together before it’s too late NOW IT’S TOO LATE WE MUST STOP THE DIVISION AND COME TOGETHER IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

I will continue to lean on the Lord during this time, David has been super supportive of me since this morning waiting on me hand and foot trying his best to make me feel better in any way he can, I love him so much for being there for me and mama, the Lord knew what I needed and when and I will keep trusting His judgement concerning my life after all He created me in His image and knows me better than I know myself. The bible says, “Weeping endures for a night BUT JOY comes in the morning”. I will mourn my little cousin for a MINUTE, then I’ll JOY FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. Please don’t hesitate to repair damaged relationships, tomorrow is not promised to NO ONE. Please keep us in prayer, will talk to you soon my peeps.  BE BLESSED



  1. ◇ Diamond Hard – Death is not The End EveryOne, Death is a Release from the Challenges of Being Alive; so I Suggest Do NOT!!! “MOURN” for Those who CHOOSE!!! Bliss over Suffering 🤗 – Diamond Hard


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