By Vrushali Khadilkar, India

 Chasing sometimes is the best thing to do. Just like we love the cricketer Virat kohli chasing the run on score board and winning with glory. In relationships we love chasing and getting chased by someone. We all chase to reach our dream career. So we all do chase for something and few times we prefer letting go. It’s true that chasing someone without harassing is good but not always good for your mental wellness. We see all those guys chasing over for that one girl. Well!! That chasing for the women DNA is present in all men. And as far as we all know women love it as they love the feeling of being desired.

If you are a chaser then there will be anxiety on the way and it will low your self esteem sometimes. But you have to keep on chasing her or him if you really know they are the one. Same applies to your career choices. You just know when it’s right. When you know that the lady loves you but is ignoring you doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be with you. Lots of times it happens that a girl will ignore the boy she loves the most. She wants to get chased. She wants him to come at her door and hug her tight no matter what. She wants that. She wants you to try hard and she want to see how far you can go to grab her. Boys!! Never miss the opportunity and never consider girls as a time pass.

First of all!! Make her feel safe and if she finds your way too awkward don’t carry it on. If she feels safe with you she will give everything and love you.

We all know the chasing experience will be bringing lots of experience in your plate.

Remember that though she reciprocate the feelings doesn’t mean that you chase her to be the first to pop the cherry. Create emotional bond!! Chase if you also have intention to touch her soul and know her well.

So!! Women shall also remember that men chase and commit to women whose world they want to be a part of. Push your comfort zone and confront your fears and he will come right in front of you.

Do let him know that If he is chasing you than you run a little slow so he could grab you in his embrace.

Let me know your thoughts…
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