Either love or true to yourself makes you complete!!!!

By Anshu Tiwary,India

 The biggest predictor of your happiness and fulfillment overall in life is, basically, love and true to yourself.

You have two very important relationships you need to work on in this life.

1.The relationship you have with your partner.

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Analysis showed a 50% increased likelihood of survival for participating with good stronger relationships. Put simply, if you have healthy relationships your chances of surv.

If you go through terribly horrible experience and you have someone there to help you process it, you'll likely recover quickly.If you don't have someone to help you through it, you'll internalize it, isolate yourself and that trauma will turn into a lifetime of pain.

Healthy relationship, then, could help you avoid addiction.Could help you overcome life's challenges.Could help you reach higher than you could on your own.

The most loving and deep relationships are built on a very simple's foundation : giving and gratitude.Giving freely without an expectation of return is essential.As are expression of gratitude.

When the focus is on what you can give, rather than what you can get, the relationship becomes a gift to both of you.

2.The relationship you have with yourself.

From one reason or another, we are disconnected from our core self, we have slipped out of alignment with who we really are, and what we already know.And that friction, that pull is having widespread and significant consequences to us each individually, and the health of our communities and honestly the world.

Sharing with you following tips to love yourself ;

Don't ignore your soul.

When you get separated from your core self, from being true to you, what do you experience? Physical symtoms such as low energy, headache, stomach issues, tense muscle and infection, you call it.

Also emotional symptoms can include feelings of anger, frustation, loneliness and eventually depression or anxiety.

These 'warning signs' are body's way of saying, I want to get back home, I need to be there. But most of the time, we ignore them.We keep pushing them down for forcing our way through. If we get a headache, we take some advil ;if we feel depressed or anxious, we drink a bottle of wine.

But the reason those things are showing up, is to tell you something. Your body may be telling or even screaming at you that something is not working. What we really need to do is pause and identify the why behind the symptoms we are experiencing.

These often relate to us being off track from our true selves and what works best for us.

Identify what you need to thrive

Think about times in your life when you felt most happy, fulfilled and successful. Write them down.

Now, think about what was it about those times that made them so great? Or may be a feeling you had a clear picture, a plan, a purpose or challenge?

Focus on your overall wellness;

Take care of your body. Does that mean you need to exercise more? Sleep more? Mediate more often? Eat less?

I believe this piece is important, it’s also important to note that you could work days and years on your health, nutrition, etc. But if you don’t take a step back and look at the energetic pieces of you, you’re not going to make much progress.

Henceforth, you as a person either rise or fall to the demands of your situation. If your situation doesn't demand much, you won't rise up.