Every month: A fresh new start!

By Vrushali Khadilkar , India
Every month: A fresh new start!

 Yes!! We are on our way to enter the new month of August. We all know we enter each year with such a zeal and sometimes we can’t keep with it. We loose spirit and joy. So!! What’s important is to set your resolutions each month and take a review of how’s all going on. No one has compelled you to do that but really in the long run that’s going to help you a lot. So!! More five months to go.. You have time to achieve and make 2018 a happy one...

You have time to grow and develop overall. Though there are tough times you shall know that you will get through this.

Dear, I know you might feel lazy and that’s okay.. Totally!! If you are that way don’t get in the mode of realizing that it’s bad.. No!! That’s you!! I just want to tell you that.. When there is the desire from within to change something then only you will change.

If you are an night owl and don’t study anything in the morning and keep on working in night. That’s going to work once you reach in your sixties and older. You have to change!! You have to see that you wake up early and at least then you change for good!!

I hope you get it!!

So!! Here I m going to share with you how to plan for the year ahead and make most of the next five months and create a happy 2018.

1) Clarity: Yes!! You need to have clear goals and things. I know everything planned doesn’t work out but at least have a blurred idea.. That’s okay!! Once you start the blurriness will vanish off. Start!

2) Bi-monthly planner: Yes!! Now plan for the month ahead as well as the next month. Now it’s July.. Plan for August and September. Now divide the month in weeks.. And set the weekly goal. Before the week begins make sure your weekly plan is ready. Mark all the important events so you won’t miss anything.

3) Memorize: Though you have planned make your memory strong. Work on your memory too. Don’t be absent minded. Be aware what you are doing. Know well!! What’s gonna the day be like. Don’t be all time help seeker of the planner… rely on your own memory as well..

4) Give yourself treat: Do eat those delicious food items and have something which is fun on accomplishing your monthly goal. Do it!!

5) Know your emotional meter: Yes!! In this century you shall know what motivates you and what makes you feel low. Track your emotions so you can add the graphics like page in your planner.

6) Travel: I know I know!! You are a traveller. Travel helps us broaden our perspective .. So!! Do go somewhere out!! If you don’t get a chance then.. At least watch a travel related stuff…never know when you will get opportunity to go.. Okay!!

7) Food : Eat good… !!

8) Celebrate each moment : Yes!! Enjoying each moment and day with whoever you are having around will make the year awesome.. And if you practice such things.. No doubt each year will be great!!

9) Exercise : Okay!! At least do aerobics or zumba ..In a nutshell.. Stay active!!

10). Believe in god: Okay!! So take some time out of your busy schedule to pray. You will feel really good..

So!! These are my ten tips on how to make most of the months ahead.

And let me tell you that you can get started Now and continue the planning thing ahead as well.

You are going to gain So much!!