Grandpa I got graduate

By Vrushali Khadilkar, India

 ( This is an open letter to my owwa ( grandpa) I used to call him owwa, and manimau is me ,he used to call me that way, a Nick name for me by my owwa…My favourite man passed away last year he will be always be alive in my heart)

         Hey grandpa!!

                  Owwa!!! I got graduate.

Yes!!! Your manimau have finished her graduation with flying Colours. Yes!! I have passed and in first division/class. I hope and I m sure that you are proud.

Tears rolled down my eyes when I got the result visualizing that how happy you would get witnessing your granddaughter getting graduate. I miss that energy of yours. You were so energetic and full of zeal. You knew how to celebrate moments and make them memorable. You taught me so many things and I feel so lucky to have such a strong person as my grandpa. I miss your oceanic blue charming eyes full of joy. Your thoughts are always going to be alive in my heart. You used to make me stress free with your hand made tea. Your love for songs and music was amazing. Whenever I tune in with old songs I remember you telling me your memories with that song.

You struggled a lot to build your own house after migrating from other city. Your words inspire me to overcome obstacles and never be afraid to fail and always grab the opportunities.

You simply knew how to bring smile on my face when I felt low. I know you love the way I laugh.

You are the best grandpa.

I promise you, whatever happens your manimau will be strong and happy. I will struggle and reach my goals no matter how much time it takes.

So, shower your blessings on me.

I miss you!!!

Thank you so much!!



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