It was never about love

By Anjali , India

 Shiv : It was never about love I just wanted to spend some pleasure time with you and I m done now . I can’t fake all this anymore . I love someone else who is waiting for me in car . Let me go.( A girl was sitting in his car behind him )

Anya : What ? Have you gone crazy ? You want to leave me at this point of life when I have seen the dream of marring you ? You love someone else and want to live with her now ?

Shiv : Yes I want , infact whats wrong in this ? Its my life I can choose with whom I want to live .

Anya : ( crying badly ) You lied to me through out these five years . Why Shiv ?

Shiv : Come on Anya . Grow up . Go and marry the one your parents want you to and let me also live peacefully with the one I want to . Bye , be happy forever .

Anya : ( Trying to hold his hand but he refused ) Don’t do this to me please . ( She sat on the floor , crying hard )

Shiv : I have to leave now . Please leave me and don’t ever try to contact me again . Forget me , my words and all the time we spend together . Move on . You deserve much better .

He went ahead towards his car , leaving Anya the love of his life behind . He didn’t turned back to watch her even once . Every step which he was taking away from her was making him far from her . Every moment they spend together was flashing in his eyes , the eyes filled with tears but not a single drop falling down . He went inside the car , he hugged the girl and started to cry loudly .

Jiya ( The other girl in car ) : Stop it Shiv , you did what you felt was right . Now don’t break down like this be strong .

Shiv : No Jiya I can’t . She was my life . How would I live without her ?

Jiya : Okay than lemme go and tell her everything .

Shiv : No please ( wiping his tears ) I will be fine after some time .

Jiya : If you love her so much , why you left her ? Why you told her that I m your lady love when I m just an ordinary friend . Why ?

Shiv : I did all this for her only . She deserve better . I never want her to be with a loser . What I can give her ? Her parents want her to marry an IPS officer , who can provide her everything and she would be super happy with him. I neither have a job nor a house , how would she walk proudly with me in this society where everyone is judged by their status ? She would be ashamed of me and her decision one day and then it would be too late , and now she is not understanding it . So I have to do this for her .

Jiya : What about love ?

Shiv : Love can happen twice and to live a happy life we don’t only need love.

Jiya : Do u think you did it right lying her ?

Shiv : Yes , because I know she won’t ever accept the truth . I love her and always want her to be happy with me or without me .

Again a love story left incomplete just because of the measures of the society has set for the happy married life . Everything he did was about love but he did it saying it was never about love .

Note 1 : Its better to be with the one you love in 2 BHK than to be alone in a bungalow . Love is not everything but it can make everything beautiful and happy .

Note 2 : Never leave anyone you love for their happiness because you may take away their happiness forever by doing this . Their happiness belongs to you not the materialistic world .

Thanks for giving your precious time to read my words .