Love Love Love

By Postuladian Artistry , Zimbabwe
Love Love Love

 Life is just like an open window that is just on the other side of the wall. You just need to be at the wall to see thee life...

Shadows might follow you; even the light might follow you also you got to know where you step and be in a position to differentiate the two. “There is no better you than yourself” (Pinket; 2018) “There is nothing that can be added to you that may change you but only if you wanna change everything changes also” (Postuladian Artistry; 2018) Life can be comparable to the duration of the sun when it shines on the other; the other is filled with darkness. Life can never be full of sweetness but even though there are the fantabulous times and the bad times lest not the bad ones be dominant over the fantabulous ones. This life of nowadays you cannot make it alone you need someone to be a somebody. If you take a look just aback a few days and the present day today and you see no difference it just simply means just a big thumbs up for you to work.

There is no achievement out of no sweat spilt to the ground. You can never wake up as a successful person from nowhere. What makes one successful ain’t for the money and friends but it is all about the love for the society where you started from. There is no greater love that the appreciation of where we began at. The greatest achievement of all time is love the works of love are always repaid and cherished at all times.

Love love love what can we do without love, I thought for a moment and for every fantabulous moment I enjoy it’s all because of love. Thee love is greater in thee that loveth you than in yourself. That’s what love is love cannot be measured on a scale or a balance but love just amazingly showcases itself onto the world. There is no greater action that can be done or an achievement without love in it. Due to the effort and concentration along the way to success is to give love to those who need it. The reason why you wake up early to work or school is just for you to return thee return thee love that your parents gaveth onto you. Appreciating the hard works of our parents, their sacrifices by working hand is art of love. Everything that you do to please someone or an environment is all about the art of love.

Price tags are there on everything that one may need to purchase but with love it’s just a priceless tag. The way you look at something is different from what other person might see that same thing. Love has different levels but it is just a unique gift from God. The art of thee life is of love if you ain’t love them you are nothing. The art of love begins with you if no one can necessitate you to be someone you aren’t one. I might not be the best nor I be the won’t but you got to appreciate me just for who I am. For I might not be in the superficial way you perceive me to be but I am who I am that won’t even change the current facts.

Sometimes I do good sometimes I may do bad but all I focus on is what I did good so that I may perfect it to par-excellence. The past is just behind me but it ain’t a story to forget but rather a lesson for the future mistakes that maybe intentionally committed. Appreciate someone and that same someone will doth thee same favor onto you. This life is full of exchange if you want something from someone you out to give something that’s what love is all about.

Being famous ain’t for what the society thinks like about the word famous. Famousness is characterized by the fantabulousness of the works and thee love and passion behind the acts. What can we be if we ain’t amore’ each and everything that we doeth. “For what can love be if thee love is not said or seen in action” (Postuladian Artistry; 2018) What work be off the world if thee were no love? Have you ever imagined why there is love?

From one direction to the other we always find love. Love is not what people think off as just sharing joy happiness to someone. Love is thee doth about giving and sharing joy with one who is frustrated...

“For we all walk the same path but we may not all leap to pass through the bridge to success”