Marriage is for love, lust or money

By Vrushali Khadilkar, India

 Well I must confess this that I believe in marriage, but after trying out and knowing exactly what you want. Not only your physical needs but emotional needs as well. Well, for many of young generation like me I know men and women for whom emotional attachment is priority.

Marriage is an institution as said in Indian homes and tradition. Now live-in-relationship have begun the trend but I feel that you are very intelligent to know the person without sharing same room with him or her. Once you know him or her well then you can trust him or her to live happily in the house and marriage makes it Strong. You can make the relationship legally accepted by marrying the dream man/women.

Marriage can be the real blessing if you marry the right man/women.

Embracing your partner’s flaws is love and marriage makes it more stronger.

In days late back then, when my grandparents got married they even didn’t dated each other and sort off things we do now. They married at the tender age of 18 and 20 the age our generation is busy in loosing the virginity. They loosed it by making a legal contract without having fear of getting pregnant like the couples Now. Though they got to know they are gonna become parents they didn’t put their hands up and shook away the responsibility. They celebrated their marriage anniversary for years together to come which went above fifty years and the generation Now where you can just connect with your partner on social media as well as physically the couples kick away even though some little messed up conflicts happen. They try very little to solve.

In Indian culture, we match the horoscopes. The twelve houses in the kundali tells ever thing about the persons personality. The seventh house and the fifth house elaborates more about your marriage and relationships. And if you know all the details like birth date and stuffs and have a good astrologer you can at least get an idea. Don’t get superstitious but at least try to know.

Husband and wife are like two wheels of the same cart. You shall choose your partner wisely. Your 90% happiness after marriage makes your married life and your Life after marriage the awesome thing ever.

I really feel that marriage is really for love. There is going to be lust for sure and love will help you to nurture your feelings for long term. When you are emotionally happy and well the money and your earning power is going to make its way to you and you are gonna get more productive and money will come your way for sure. Dare to love. Dare to build and nurture relationship on love basis.

There will be low times but love so hard that you make up with each other soon. You both are the life line for each other. You are married so have a great tuning.

You can find your mate anytime so there is no age bar or precise phase where you shall tie the knot. You can meet the lover of your life to whom you will be marrying at anytime. You just shouldn’t be afraid of welcoming the opportunities the universe wants you to receive.

There’s no magic. Healthy couples do the right things to water their relationship garden.

Don’t give up as great marriages take time.

It’s good to have the “arranged marriage” with the person you love.

Love the person and be happily married.

Fall in love with the same person again and again over the years and be a ideal couple for generations to come.

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