Sex On The First Date, Makes A Woman Look Cheap?

By Nwokesonye Henry, Nigeria

 First date are usually characterized by familiarizing with each other, observations as well as unexpressed feelings that are often shown in smiles and warm looks from the both parties whether it occurred indoor or outdoor.

The outcome of first date usually unpredictable. The experience varies from one individual to another. What will happen/what usually happens are seldom premeditated. The woman and man involved may try to refrain from getting cosy on the first day. The question then is, “is there a format for a first date?”

If they meet in his house, it could probably end the both in bed” says a lady.

There is no pattern to use in handling first dates, if the connection is there it is almost impossible to resist.

Are they women who give into a man’s advances on the first day cheap? Men are so regarded to have less control when it comes to sexual urge, reiterated a woman.

While many argue that sex on the first date is a sign of weakness and makes her look cheap, there are lots of people out there who probably disagree with that notion and gave their own candid view.

Doc says; sex on the first date is a sign of weakness and cheapness.

Ada says; a well woman wouldn’t give in to sex on the first date, what does that say about you?

Annabel says; I see nothing wrong with that, two mature persons doing their thing, I disagree it makes her cheap.

Zuka says; some men can be persuasive and would make any girl fall for their tricks. Besides most ladies just can resist the sight of a cute guy.

Charlie says; it depends on the both of them, I had sex on my first date, I never thought the girl is cheap and wouldn’t agree with that.

Amanda says; it can happen to anyone, most pretend I call names to ladies who got into sex on the first date but still end up doing same thing.

Diva says; no one talks about the men, it makes them cheap too, not just the women.

Chidi says; I won’t advice anyone to do that, it says a lot about her self-control as well as the true intentions of the guy.

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