She Stopped Him

By Sara Kenneth, India

 It was exactly a year ago, that they had met each other. He walked into her monotonous simple life, filling it to the brim with teenage-ish spirit. From the day she saw him for the first time, her world started spinning in the opposite direction. Her entire world revolved around him. He was her sun, moon and sky. He was the air in her lungs and the beats of her heart. But if you thought that this was felt just by her… then you are on your own.

He actually noticed her, the first time he saw her. She was one in a million. He would rather amend his statement to she was once in a lifetime. She was sweet yet strict, simple yet sophisticated, zany yet firm. She was hard, and not an easy person. She was a girl many wanted, yet no one had her. She had sparked a fire in his heart that never died. No matter who he was dating or had a fling with, she was just there. Like the moon in the sky, sometimes hidden, yet always present. A constant stop for all his thoughts, she was inevitable.

So what was their story?
She met him, he met her, they fell for each other, and had a happily ever after.
Well, not exactly.
Their story was beyond unique and not as simple as a love story. It was a love story without ‘I Love You’ or ‘I Want You’. Their story was ‘I Need You’. Without words or confessions, their love story was like the sweetness of the sugar and the beauty of the freshly bloomed red roses. Their love was like the first showers on the dry parched earth, which filled the atmosphere with a fragrance that spread to everybody, drenching them in the rain of true love.

They were very much in love and yet afraid of rejection never confessed. Their eyes spoke most of the time; their smiles reflected their innermost thoughts. And this happened one day. The day everything was meant to fall in place. This was the day that changed everything forever.

He wanted to leave home and go away. On his own. She and her family and he and his family were gathered in his house. They had been neighbors since forever. His decision was a shock to everybody. Especially to her. His mom and dad tried convincing him, being unsuccessful. His brother tried to talk sense to him, pointlessly. Her parents and sister tried to talking him into staying, inanely. She just stood there, watching him. She would never see him again, if he left. She wouldn’t survive without her sun. She’d die. She knew him better that anyone else. He would never bulge from a decision he once made. She had to stop him. He would always listen to her. He had always been there for her, as a friend, a lover, family, anything that she needed. She had always seen her future with him. He just had to be there.

“Please” she cried. With eyes brimming with tears, it was hard to see. Hard to see anything. Yet she could clearly picture his face, which was etched in her heart. She dared to hold his hand. She’d never done that. What would her parents think? What would his parents think? He froze. With the bag on his shoulder and his fingers wrapped around his trolley bag, his right wrist in her hand, he froze. Her hand felt warm on his. Her grip was so strong, as though she never wanted to let go of him. His breath quickened. He didn’t want her to let go.

“Please” she repeated. “Please don’t do this”. He made a hard decision. He pulled his hand away from her’s and walked away through the front door. It had to be now or never. Her heart stopped. No, this was never going to happen. She was not going to let this happen. She ran to him, her voice chocking, her heart was going to stop beating. “Please, just stay.” She cried, standing in front of him, blocking his path. His eyes were looking at hers, the pain and agony was telepathically exchanged. He knew he could just not walk away.

“I’m sorry” he said, “ Let me go…” She lost it. All the protective walls built around her heart came crashing down like an avalanche. She held his face in the palms of her hand, gently stroking her thumb on his cheeks. She felt his face for one last time, his acne, his stubble, his lips, him. It didn’t matter who thought what now. He had to know. She had to tell him. “Please don’t do this to me” she whispered. Only he heard. Their families stood on the front porch, confused and teary. “Please just stay… for me” she continued. His eyes filled up. He knew it. She loved him. It didn’t have to be said. Nothing mattered except that they were together. Who cared about the rest of the world? They didn’t. At least not anymore. Nothing else mattered. He just looked into her eyes, and everything made sense. Her smile that lit up every time she saw him, her eyes that kept a look out for him, her heart that pined for him with every fiber of her being, it just made sense. He leaned down, his lips found its way on hers. They sky filled up, and it drizzled. The light showers drenched the two young lovers in the rain of love. “Does that mean…” she started, and he completed her sentence, “yes..” his lips found its way to hers again. He embraced her tightly, hoisting her off the ground. She held onto to him, like a nearly dead man would hold on to his life. She smelled his young boyish smell. Winter Cherry and Aloe Vera, his shampoo’s fragrance lingered on his damped soft, silky hair. She loved him. And he loved her.

The dominant boy who had always taken his decisions, chose to stay back. For her. She conquered his heart. And she was never going to give it to anybody else. The boy, who smiled his every smile for her, loved her back more than she ever did. She just never knew it. She was complete in every way possible; all that she needed was him. His very being was her oxygen. They were in love. It didn’t matter that they never went out, or made out… all that mattered was that they were always going to be there for each other. That is because love meant facing your biggest fears. And once they got over that fear, a world of life came into being. They were meant to be. It took a few minutes to turn the world around. She stopped him, even when the world could not. She stopped him.

She stopped him.

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