By Sara Kenneth, India

 Smiling, I look up at the beautiful night sky. Somebody might be looking up at it too, and thinking of a girl who is gonna walk into his life and make it special. Well, I’m the girl who is looking at the stars and thinking of the boy who will be the beginning of my forever. I’m looking at the stars, hoping to find my soulmate.

The space. Anything and everything that exists. And within that space, my heart yearns for just one boy. The boy who will be my universe. The heart believes that he is out there… Somewhere…. Just waiting for the perfect time to walk into my life, and clean-sweep me off the ground. He is there… Somewhere… My soulmate.

Sometimes I say a 1000 words and the person in front of me does not understand it…. But I know that without saying a single word, he’ll understand. He’ll know me like the universe knows its infinity. He’ll always be there for me, even when I don’t see him. He is out there… Somewhere…. My soulmate.

We might not hold hands or make out. We might not even see or talk to each other very often. But he’ll break notions and barriers… He’ll always stay by my side…. He’ll always be behind me. He’ll look at me and make me smile. He’ll tell me that its gonna be okay… He’ll treat me like a princess… And I know this because he will be raised in the hands of a queen….

He will be an amazing son, an amazing brother and amazing friend… He’ll be my true love and best friend. He’ll be the world to be, and that will mean so much to me, than it ever would to him.

But he’ll be beyond the world for me. He is my soulmate. And I’ll find him. One day. Because he is out there…. Somewhere…. My soulmate….

And when I do find him… I’ll know that I’ve been blessed with everything that I’d ever want. And he’ll be the one to make all my dreams come true. Because, the day I find him, will be the day, my universe will know my infinity….

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