By Rudra Makwana , India

 The thoughts of the first date gave me Goosebumps; I tried to think of an unusual gift. When I discovered that his favourite red-plaid pants had a broken zipper, I thought I had the “perfect Valentine.” I had the pants repaired, and gift-wrapped them. On the package I put a huge red heart on which I printed: “My Heart Pants for You.” I was the surprised one, when I saw the same heart.
By Mary Lou Pittman

A tall woman with an elegant, sleek entered yet, her ravishing eyes and captivating smile, captured everyone’s attention in the corporate world.
Her heavenly beauty was equally contributing to her irresistible dressing sense that made everyone think, that she might have come from the world of modelling,
Some became fascinated towards her appealing beauty and some of the people were ardently waiting for her to promulgate her biography,
But with a sand of time passed, she didn’t disclose anything and the time was running like a pinion and her silence was playing with everyone’s string of the heart,
One day, a handsome man with a classy physique and appealing face decided to take a step ahead and went into the cafeteria,
His long elongated eyes were finding her and suddenly, he found her and went to her,
With calmness in his voice, he greeted her with a hope that today; he will get answers of all his questions,
Her eyes met his eyes and with an innumerable movement of blinking, she smiled at him.
He got the little taste of what’s running in her mind and asked her out,
With a thorough-going thought, running and wandering in an unknown direction, she tried to calm herself,
Taking a little time for thinking and analyzing the situation, she said yes with a complete devotion to him.
He was more than happy, but hiding his ecstasy of mind, he chooses to smile but his eyes uttered everything.
And, they both went out, after office hours and he tried to peel off her outer layer, so that he could reach into her intriguing mind.
Reaching to the interim layer of her mind and connecting chords, with her mind was perplexing, but somehow, after the dinner, he convinced her to dance with him.

As, his arms encircled her, the joy in her feet fluttered across the floor and her arms rose,
Her delicate heart felt safe in his company and his electrifying touch ignited fire in her eyes, but very consciously, she hid herself.
Slowly and gracefully,
Her waist was swinging and the click of her heels was made a soft sound yet her mind got completely lost in his phenomenal eyes,
She gave herself to him and let herself fall in his arms,
His hands were exploring her and highness of his love was giving her a rollercoaster ride,
Suddenly, a change in the movement made her falter and her cheeks glittered with exertion.
As his fingers was exploring her lower back, the beat of music made her hair bounced and the scene was appearing as if they both own the floor,
Oblivion to the surrounding, her feet’s kept flittering and fluttering on the beats of music and his determined eyes melted her heart in such a way, no one ever did.
After, a couple of minutes, they noticed that people were clapping for them and they both were alone dancing on the floor,
Their togetherness made the room glow and the highness of their love made their face glow and gleam with redness and it was formed on their cheeks,
Out of sheer happiness, they both left that place, hand in hand and the movement of their feet were following each other.
A moment of silence was formed among them and she asked him to promise her that he would never leave her,
He was astonished to hear those words and he glanced at her,
And his eyes were curious to know the reason behind such confession,
The very next moment, the intensity of her words grabbed his attention and he said you have my heart.
The depth of her words took him to the inner world, where her soul resides towards the cave yet, her believe in his love kept growing with time,
While, Valentine’s Day was around the corner so, her mind was wandering and searching for a unique gift for her man,
And, instantly something got clicked in her mind and she wrapped up the package containing his favourite red-plaid pants with a huge red heart on it,
that was displaying a message,
‘My heart pants for you’
And, next morning kept the wrapped package on the side corner of his bed, while waiting for her man to unwrap it so, that she could see his expressions,
But, she was surprised, when she saw the same heart taped on the formerly empty, but now overflowing, wood box.
This time, the message that heart was displaying made her smile.
On it, he had written:”Wood you be My Valentine?”