By Vanya Rajwar, India

 I never realised when I reached the juncture,
where I could talk about you forever.
All of your positive traits at that;
When it is about,
Nothing negative escapes my lips ever.
People ask me when do you reach this point,
To tell the truth,
I have absolutely no reason to the when and how;
It started from the very first moment I heard your voice,
It was something that happened in an instant.

Looking back at our story today,
I still smile and glow.
Despite being teased time and again,
I still feel pleased by the intensity of the bond.
People also ask me,
what is the status of this journey so far,
To this I always have an answer;
I say;
That’s the beauty of it all.

Sometimes the distance unnerves me,
All I want in those moments;
is your presence,
with your arms around me;
as you happen to be the safe haven I have always envisaged.

Our paths crossed,
it has never seemed a coincidence.
The chaotic yet peaceful mess it has created,
the way you became a part of my soul;
Makes it seem like divinity is in play on the whole.

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