"We remember"

By Vrushali Khadilkar, India

 We miss the pieces. Those pieces and those things makes us remember those people. But the moment is gone and which is forever. Really, we don’t know!! You and me will be together forever or not but our past is forever with us. So, it’s wonderful to go into our Memory Lane and quench our thirst of reminiscing the moments. For you the ‘tea stall' near your office or college was very close to your heart, that ‘college-adda' where you guys gathered, the temples you have visited along with your grandparents. Even though none of them exist now, whenever you go there you ‘remember', don’t you? The theatre which was your romantic spot, makes you remember all love bites you shared with him even though you visit that theatre along with your kids. The routine makes us forget sometimes, how much we remember. In this journey of life we come across lots of people who remember lots of things about us which we have even forgotten. Whenever, that movie you see along with your family after some years, you do tell them how your gang went to watch the movie and how you bunked the classes. Dare to visit your past and travel there for a while. I m sure that you love your past stories but show people that you don’t care and how strong and stone hearted you are. And you should not allow your past blackmail you. Not at all.

But create moments right now which will be a reason for you to blush in future.

There are lots of stuffs which you won’t share and you never want to remember and those memories you will take along with you to the grave. There are. And lots of people don’t have choice rather than to hide.

You know, our heart wanders without moving. Your heart will take you to other continents and your past. The memory of your crush in your colony remains intact and it has it’s own importance. It’s very important what goes back in your mind because that will roll out its truth when you are in deep sleep and your past can show it’s presence in your dreams too. You just can’t ever run away from your past. And you shall agree with me that past experiences had made you wise and powerful.

There are lots of people who set good or bad metrics depending on how good or how bad your history was. We all someday or the other become judgemental. Don’t just judge anyone knowing and thinking about their past. Everyone deserves a chance!! Don’t let your past define your awesome future. Okay!

Don’t ever forget the people who have made your experiences worth remembering and shared joy with you . Later you got to know what were your needs and how mean they(people) were too. You became badass!!

Live you life passionately and share memory with every thing. Create great scenes so that when you are having a smoothie on a beach after years ahead there will be a good movie of your life to remember and share and feel. Be bold!!

So!! I just talked here about memories and how we all remember them. Share your thoughts about your memories with that specific song you listened on repeat.

Be happy!! Create great moments!! Just not for clicking pictures but make sure you live it.

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