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My big day is coming soon, the wedding I’ve dreamed about since I was a teen is finally coming true in a matter of weeks and I’m sooooo excited to become MRS MY DAVID!!!! LOL I’m not printing his real name for privacy purposes, anyway, we’ve been planning a trip to meet my mother since early spring so we finally got the chance to go, the day of the trip started out okay but it turned bad when MY DAVID begin acting like the perpetual 5 year old before, during and after the drive I WAS SOOOO ANGRY WITH HIM I LET HIM KNOW IT!!! It all began Fri evening after picking up my daughter from her dad, David was piddling around coming up with last minute petty nonsense he needed to do before our 6 hour road trip. I told him on the previous Monday to have everything he needed for the trip packed and ready to go by the door so once I arrive we’ll go, WELLLL IT DIDN’T HAPPEN LIKE I PLANNED, he was working my RESERVE NERVE, he had nothing ready except for what I packed the prior day PLUS he had NO SENSE OF URGENCY AT ALL!!

At this point I’M BOILIN’ WITH ANGER because it’s getting later and later, I’m tired from working the previous overnight shift until 4p the next day (Fri) the day we leave for the trip and he doesn’t seem to care. We brought the dogs with us because he didn’t want to be separated from them, (WHAT WAS HE THINKIN’?) He micromanaged those poor dogs THE ENTIRE TIME, DO THIS, DO THAT, SIT HERE, SIT THERE, STOP, MAN, OH MAN, STOP, LAY HERE, STOP DROOLIN’, OH MY GOD, SIT DOWN, STAND UP, LAY HERE, SIT THERE, OH MY GOD, UGH YA’LL GETTIN ON MY NERVE, UGHHHHHHHHHH the entire trip to the point to where I had to finally tell him to “LEAVE THEM ALONE” many, many, times during the trip. Once we got on the road, my daughter decides to join the WORK MY MAMA’S RESERVE NERVE PARTY My David has thrown for me since earlier in the evening and now I must think for not only myself, but he and my daughter too!!! Ya’ll know I blew up right??? We ended up getting a flat tire so instead of calling AAA, I changed the tire myself then went back home to get rest before the next morning’s trip.

My dad is deceased as well as my grandparents on both sides of my family so my mom is the only parent left for him to meet and since we didn’t come earlier in the summer she’s really looking forward to the visit, she baked David a German Chocolate Cake that’s waiting for him once we arrived so we’re both excited about the meeting, we planned to leave at 8am the following morning once we replaced the spare tire but ONCE AGAIN he hem hawed around about any and everything sending me into an early rage before I HAVE TO DRIVE 6 PLUS HOURS with him, my child and the dogs in the car. ( OH, BY THE WAY DID I TELL YA’LL THE LORD BLESSED ME WITH A NEW CAR TWO WEEKS AGO? IT’S AN SMALL SIZE SUV big enough for our family including the dogs) The Lord knew we needed a bigger car for traveling with our puppies so I went to the lot where I was shown this particular vehicle, I told the salesman I wanted it and drove off the lot with it 2 hours later or less, PRAISE THE LORD, HE IS STILL IN THE BLESSIN’ BUSINESS!!!!!!

Anyways, we get on the road where he begins the same nonsense from the previous night’s attempt, UGHHH , STOP, MOVE, DANG DUDE, STOP, LAY DOWN, STAND UP, BE STILL, GO HERE, LAY THERE, OH MY GOD, UHHHH YA’LL GETTIN ON MY NERVES, BREATHE HARD, OH MY GOD, UGHHH, STOP, LAY, SIT, GO, UGHHHHHHHH!!!!! THE ENTIRE WAY, but wait he wasn’t finished, he has NEVER been to my home state before nor the adjoining state in between so as soon as we ran into road construction in the first state he’s NEVER been to before, OH MY GOD DID HE HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, at this point I’m thinking, “You’re kidding me right? How dare you speak negative of a place you’ve never been, HOW DARE THEY HAVE CONSTRUCTION ON THEIR ROADS JUST LIKE THEY DO IN HIS PRECIOUS CALIFORNIA!!( He compares everything to California and what they do and do not have according to him and his values)” while he’s going on and on about the ignorance of the state.

We got through the first state rollin, rollin, rollin, then HOW DARE WE ARRIVE IN MY HOME STATE IN THE MIDDLE OF ROAD CONSTRUCTION, HERE WE GO AGAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNN (CALGON TAKE ME AWAYYYYYYYY)LOL Finally, I LOST IT, I TOLD HIM OFF SOMETHING TERRIBLE, I LET HIM KNOW TO STOP THE NEGATIVE TALK ABOUT MY HOME STATE AND ALL STATES IN BETWEEN, YOU’VE NEVER BEEN TO THEM, YOU KNOW NOTHING OF WHAT’S GOING IN THEM NOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THEM SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY!!!! He shut his mouth, left the puppies alone the  rest of the trip until we arrive at my mom’s house. Once we arrived at mama’s house he started acting like himself again doing work for my mom around the house, talking and chatting about politics. (they share the same political belief) (I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet)LOL but they got along just fine, she loves My David and offered us advice on grace and patience in marriage among other things, laughing along the way. We took her out to dinner before ending our day we picked up his cake, went to our room with our puppies and went to sleep for the night!!

The departure day began just like the trip began, HE’S HEM HAWIN’ AROUND ABOUT PETTY STUFF trying to get me started, I told him we were NOT going to do this again so we prayed, apologized, and picked up our daughter from mama saying our goodbyes before hitting the road to come home. I re-positioned the dogs in the hatch back making them as comfortable as possible so that he won’t start irking my nerves again. He started out driving but got sleepy so I drove the entire trip basically AND I WASN’T HAPPY ABOUT IT BECAUSE I HATE DRIVING!!!!! I made the sacrifice for him because in spite of him aggravating me he’s a wonderful and caring man who spoke to my heart from DAY ONE and continues to this day although he’s not perfect, I know he loves me and I love him, we’re still working on our individual issues so that we can be a better MAN AND WOMAN for each other in our marriage.

At my age I know love is not just about butterflies in the stomach, roses, peaches and cream with smiles on our faces, LOVE IS HARD WORK, MARRIAGE IS HARD WORK, TWO PEOPLE HAVE TO LEARN TO COMPROMISE AND COMMUNICATE WHAT THEY NEED AND WANT FROM THEIR MATE so we’re working on ourselves individually/together BEFORE WE WALK DOWN THE AISLE BECAUSE I TOLD THE LORD I’M ONLY GETTING MARRIED ONE TIME AND MY DAVID IS THE MAN WHO FOUND ME AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!! I love him soooooo much, he’s my hero in many ways that have nothing to do with his paycheck AND he loves me too. We’re in this for the long haul, we’re continuing counseling with our Pastor before, during, and after our marriage because a marriage without Godly counsel is DOOMED TO FAIL AND THE GOD I SERVE IS NOT NOR WILL HE EVER BE A FAILURE!!! He says ” I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end.

He IS OUR BEGINNING, HE’S THE REASON WE’RE TOGETHER and we will strive to keep God number 1 in our lives in order to be happy and feel complete in each other and most of all in HIM. LADIES, YOU CAN’T BE FOUND IF YOU’RE OUT LOOKING, I HAD TO SIT DOWN TO BE FOUND and the Lord blessed me for my diligence in reading his word, prayer, fasting, celibacy, and ministering in the prisons. He does reward our efforts in spite of our failures as long as we stay faithful in Him by relying on Him to lead, guide, and direct us to the path He has set for us according to His will. My trip was a success, My David and I are communicating better, we’ve apologized for the weekend and have moved forward taking care of each other, we’re excited to finally become MAN AND WIFE, we’re still remaining celibate until our wedding night and getting settled in our new home.

GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD,…………. WHEN U TRUST HIM! Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord my strength and my redeemer. Amen Take care my peeps be blessed all day every day.

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