Morning Reflections…

Many of us have failed to understand the tremendous power of presence. We take for a granted precious moment and celebrate nontrivial issues. Being there when you are needed by loved ones is the most powerful gift you could ever give them.

Physical presence is very important. Material things can never replace it no matter how hard we try to justify it. If the presence of your spouse is important to you, please say it to them.

Quit expecting them to read your mind and know your thoughts. If your spouse is courageous enough to say to you, “I need you to be here with me and the kids tonight”, please take it seriously. We are never promised tomorrow. And, certainly, any time lost can never be recovered.

The request of your spouse may not be important to you, but if you’re not responsive to that request, you may be communicating a wrong message that you do not intend. Quit being in orbit. Quit living in denial and start enjoying every minute with your loved ones.

Good morning all. Happy Workers Day in arrears

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6 thoughts on “Morning Reflections…

  1. You are right… so many men think that en they derive power from humiliating and shunning down the lovers in their lives…. because of tht they never really experience the joy of love because ey treat women as object not persons… if women where object you wouldn’t hv to put so much effort to control them…. the fact that we women rebel to objectification should be clear to them that we deserve en demand mutual respect…

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