Morning Reflections…

Hello everyone! I woke up this morning thinking about the many things in life for which people become known. As I pondered the legacy I would leave, I decided that a hundred years from now, I want to be known as somebody who brought out the best in people, somebody who left the world a better place. I love my morning reflections.

Material accomplishments will soon be forgotten. The only thing that lasts is the investments we make in other people’s lives. It’s not necessarily how big was the investment, but how much of it was needed and the real intent of the investor. Most investments are done with negative motives and of course, wouldn’t yield much or positive returns.

I want to be the one who brings out the best in my husband, children, acquaintances, and friends. I want people to say, “I like being around Whitney Edna Ibe. She encourages me to go higher in all my pursuits, to expect more, and to expand my horizons. Her actions, attitudes, and the way she treats other people inspire me to be a better individual.

Moreover, I want to spend most of my ” discretionary” time with people who will strive to bring the best out of me. The scriptures say, “iron sharpens iron”. The way we live our lives with one another should encourage one another to do better.

Ask yourselves, ” Are the people in my life better off or worse off because I passed their way? Am I building them up in our conversations, and bringing out their best, or am I dragging them down? Do I believe in somebody? Do I give them the confidence to improve their lives? Or am I focused on myself?

As you get up this morning, instead of applying so many energies to how you can be blessed (which isn’t such a bad thing), find some way to be a blessing to someone else. If you will make somebody else’s day, God will make yours.

Good morning. Love you guys. Have a lovely day and a great weekend.

Peace and Love

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