Mother’s Day!


All over the world as you already know we celebrate the “Mother’s day”

It’s the day to celebrate motherhood.

First and foremost you shall remember that you will get lots of folks out there who will tell you that you shall celebrate your mom everyday. But, days are days. And the perfect day makes the world celebrate moms. Okay!

Love mothers for the whole year but just love much more on that date. Which is generally the second day of May. Yes!!

As you know the day and date you have already started preparing! Congrats!! As you are thinking about it.. I m sure you will make it!!

Know what exactly your mother would love to receive which even her husband didn’t have her. It could be Cute little gift which you have made, a necklace or anything.

You can give her an eye shadow pallete along with a tight hug. And if she doesn’t want give that to me. Haha!! I know I know!! I’m ain’t your mama!!!!!

Well, just make her feel special. Just don’t do that celebration to make a feed for your social media. Savour and seek the joy!!!

We will get back with more.









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