My people must do Betta


I’m always looking forward to working early voting because of the connection I have with staff and the regular voters, my precinct has a lot of voters who are senior citizens who will make sure they vote come hell or high water, it doesn’t matter if they have to go on scooters, walkers, or canes, they were black, white, Asian, and Muslim, I was proud to see them coming in the door. What I didn’t like was the ignorance of the younger middle aged voters (particularly the black ones) who once again showed their ignorance as soon as they walked through the doors. They had no idea who the candidates were, they couldn’t spell or remember their names, they asked which candidates were black, and who did I vote for as if I was going to answer them.

On top of that they had the nerve to be upset about the change with the new machines, complaining how they like the old machines better while asking me why the change? I told them “since they were complaining about Russia, Russia, Russia interfering in our election thanks to that dern TRUMP they had to change them to make sure their vote is secure, and these people believed every word I said even though I was laughing the entire time but they believed me anyway WOWWWW MY PEOPLE MUST DO BETTA!!! We as a race will fall for anything someone tells us, especially if they’re famous, these black celebrities are just as complicit in the destruction of our race as they claim white people are and the system they set up to perform to totally annihilate us from the earth.

I  had the chance to confront a Senator about he not getting anything done in his community since he was elected almost 1 year 1/2 ago, the residents who voted him in are now complaining about how they’re being ignored by politicians year after year, decade after decade, century after century BUT THEY CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR THE SAME LYIN’ PEOPLE EVERY ELECTION!!! WHAT’S THE DEFINITION OF STUPIDITY???? Of course he tried to make excuses for the fact that he has accomplished NOTHING and has NO DESIRE TO HELP HIS COMMUNITY AT ALL!! I shut him down before he began because I’M NOT TRYIN’ TO HEAR IT!! I told him I was tired of black politicians like he and others, male or female coming into the community with their divisive rhetoric playing with our emotions and patronizing us knowing the majority of the voters DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT THAT PERSON IS TALKING ABOUT SO I WASN’T TRYIN’ TO HEAR ANY OF THIS NONSENSE FROM HIM, he just walked away from being stunned at my NERVE AND MY WORDS!!! I DIDN’T CARE THOUGH!! LOL

I also approached a potential councilman whose running for a seat, I asked him “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO IF YOU WIN YOUR COUNCIL SEAT TO HELP THE BLACK COMMUNITY YOU’RE BEGGING VOTES FROM?” He immediately played THE RACE CARD stating the MAN is keeping us down and we must fight against them, I interrupted him saying “I’M NOT TRYNNA HEAR THAT (YES I SAID TRYNNA CAUSE I’M DONE WITH THE RACE CARD AND MANIPULATION) THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE WHO’RE TRYIN’ TO BRING US DOWN SO LET’S NOT INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE WITH THIS STUFF AND AGAIN, I’M TIRED OF YOU BLACK POLITICIANS COMING TO US BEGGIN FOR OUR VOTE THEN ONCE IN OFFICE YOU TURN YOUR BACKS TO THE VERY PEOPLE WHO ELECTED YOU SO, “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO?” ALL HE COULD SAY WAS “AMEN MY SISTER” as I walked him to his voting machine to vote. I was so disgusted by his remark, or lack of  response because he just proved my point concerning the problems I have with black politicians.

Black politicians who DO THE WHITE MAN’S BIDDIN’ are far worse than the so-called WHITE MAN because at least we can see the white man comin’ whereas the black politician comes around only during election time SLICK, SLIMY AND LYIN’ manipulating our people by offering free food and drinks in order to persuade them to vote, playin’ the race card claiming the white man is evil and against us on every level and YET THEY LIVE IN THE SAME NEIGHBORHOODS WITH THE EVIL RICH WHITE MAN, making backdoor deals and policy claiming to help bring them out of poverty by providing free housing, food stamps, clothing, cash aid, WIC etc… and in turn providing these things the people are convinced they’re free because they lack the understanding of how things really work in the REAL WORLD.

The people aren’t noticing the STRINGS THEY’VE ATTACHED TO THOSE SERVICES IN ORDER TO KEEP THEM IN BONDAGE WITH HELP FROM BLACK POLITICIANS PROMISING TO BE THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR instead of JESUS CHRIST!! MY PEOPLE MUST DO BETTA!! I work with seniors for a living, I take care of them on a personal level, my current client whom I call Papa is giving me away at my wedding next month, and I enjoy listening to their family history attempting to learn from the mistakes of the past so imagine my shock and anger at the ignorance of my people who’re embracing Socialism as Prince Charming and bashing Capitalism as the evil step sister/mother. Thanks to these Hollywood Celebs, athletes, singers, the media and countless others have crammed it into our heads for the last 20 plus years in order to influence the younger generation while recruiting them to be Socialist. MY PEOPLE MUST DO BETTA, WE MUST DO OUR RESEARCH, WE RESEARCH THINGS THAT PERTAIN TO NONSENSE but not the candidates who we’re TRUSTING TO TAKE CARE OF US FOR OUR VOTE.

I challenge my people to GET IT TOGETHER, DO YOUR RESEARCH, GET OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS AND PUT ON YOUR LOGIC HAT, VOTE ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORD AND STANDARD HE SO WONDERFULLY SET FOR US TO FOLLOW AND YOU WILL NEVER GO WRONG OR REGRET YOUR DECISION. We have early voting again in a couple weeks so I will re boot as long as I can until I have to go back into the ENEMY CAMP LOL where a Trump Supporter is considered PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE!!! My people will continue with the whining and hatred of ALL THINGS TRUMP, never mind most of the ones talking crap were once either on his show the Apprentice or trying to get on it in order to jumpstart their careers and yet he’s racist, evil, stupid, hate monger, GO FIGURE!!! MY PEOPLE MUST DO BETTA, if I get the chance to confront a potential candidate about his views and work ethics I WILL BECAUSE I’M TIRED, ARE YOU???

My husband TO BE was great the entire week, he was very supportive and filled in the gap for me concerning pickup/drop off of our daughter to work and back. He tried to leave me alone once I got home but then he picked the wrong time to say something STUPID TO SET ME OFF!! He failed to understand at the time why I was so angry and tense each day after the polls closed, he failed to realize how difficult it is to get the NEGATIVE WORDS out my head because I can’t respond to the whiny complaint from the voters WHO HAS NO CLUE ABOUT THE CANDIDATE. I’m grateful for his support he did the very best he could and I love him for it. MY PEOPLE WE MUST DO BETTA!!!!

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation in my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord my strength and my redeemer. Amen  BE BLESSED MY PEEPS

2 thoughts on “My people must do Betta

  1. I think it’s more like “What’s the definition of crazy” than stupid/ doing the same thing over and over, yet expected different results. 😉
    Good post, kind of a rant but I totally get it. 🙂

  2. You are not alone in your frustration. Even if they vote for a newcomer, gerrymandering is real and must be addressed. Seniors need to be informed not by mass media but by truth talkers. Good rant, fight the good fight! 💪🏽🌎✌🏻❤️

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