Nothing Truly Great Can Be Accomplished In A Lifetime!

The bridge that leads to greater accomplishments are paved with sacrifice.

I heard somebody say, “Nothing truly great can ever be accomplished in just one lifetime”. At the time I heard this i didn’t understand that saying because obviously, every generation can do something great. But over time, I’ve learned that sometimes God’s plan spans more than one generation.

Most of the seeds we graciously harvest today were planted by our fathers. They paved the way and our family members as well as millions of other people have enjoyed and are still enjoying the blessings as a result. You may have a big dream in your heart. Keep in mind that God may have put that seed in you to get it started. Your children and grandchildren may take it further than you ever thought possible.

In the Old Testament, King David had a dream to build a permanent temple where God’s people could worship. David gathered the supplies, brought in huge cedar trees from Lebanon, and amassed a fortune in gold and other precious metals.

But guess what? God never allowed David to build the temple. Instead, God instructed David’s son Solomon to construct his house of worship. If everything isn’t happening in your timing the way you want it to, keep doing your best. It may not end in your lifetime. God is still in control.

In addition, as you continue sowing seeds and living with excellence, know this: You are making a difference. In God’s perfect timing, the fruit of your labor will be seen. The Scripture says that God’s people left the place better off than it was when they found it.

That should be our goal as well: I’m determined to leave my family with more integrity, more faith, more favor, and with more victory. I’m going to leave my loved ones free from bondage and closer to God. Maybe you weren’t raised by parents who set you up for success by planting positive characteristics in your family line.

Possibly you’ve inherited attitudes of defeat, mediocrity, addictions, and negativity. But thank God, you can start a new family line. You can be the one to set a new standard. Somebody has to be willing to pay the price. Somebody has to step up and clear the leftovers off the table. Negative things may have been in your bloodline, but they don’t have to stay in your bloodline.

All it takes is for one person to rise up and start making better choices. Every right choice you make begins to overturn the wrong choices of those who have gone before you. Nobody else may have done so, but if you’ll make positive changes, one day, people in your family line will look back and say, ” It was because of that man. It was because of that woman. They were the turning point. We were defeated up till then. We were addicted up to that point. However, look at what happened when they came along. Everything changed. We came up higher”.

“What happened? The curse was broken and the blessings began. That’s what you can do for your family. I know I am where I am today because somebody in my family made the right or wrong choices. And, if you’re honest with your self, you would agree with me.

I don’t believe in Luck. I believe in Grace. Most of my friends would say, “Oh Whitney, you’re just lucky”. Luck has nothing to do with it. My life may not be perfect but it’s blessed because somebody in my family line was praying, persevering even when times were tough, and honoring God through it all.

If you’ve got moral and godly parents, you should be extremely grateful because you have innumerable advantages today. You have more of God’s favor, more of His blessings because of what they’ve done. They’ve paid the price to invest in your future. And, when great things begin to happen, you won’t even be able to figure out why.

Yes, certainly each of us is responsible for our own actions, and you and I must work diligently to make use of the opportunities afforded us. Regardless, the seeds your fathers planted good or bad will germinate and the aftermath will be met by you and your grandchildren.

If they are good seeds, impenetrable doors will open supernaturally. And, as hard it may be sometimes, goodness and kindness done, ripples. So, don’t fret, yours will get to you. Please don’t take the easy way out.

Keep doing your best even when it’s difficult. Keep loving, giving, and serving. Your faithfulness is noticed in Heaven. You are storing up equity for both yourself and generations to come.

Love you guys.

Blessings and Love

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4 thoughts on “Nothing Truly Great Can Be Accomplished In A Lifetime!

  1. Love this so much. This is actually something that I’ve been praying about; the breaking of generational curses and bondages. I heard it said recently, “it may not have started with you, but you can see to it that it ends with you.”
    My husband was the praise and worship leader at our church. He was a very talented musician and had such big dreams. He passed away before those were fulfilled. I like to think that his calling can still be carried out, either through myself or our children.

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