Open letter to Someone who feel so Tired and Helpless

There were times that you feel like not waking up anymore, maybe because of the circumstances that triggered you to stop fighting and stop holding on. But have you ever think of the possible pain it may brought to your love ones — parents, siblings and friends. Have you ever imagined the their faces seeing you lying in bed and your body is covered with bloods? Do you think their life will still be the same after the incident? It may be hard for you to keep fighting but it will also be hard for them that every single day they will questioned theirselves, what they have done or why they didn’t helped you.

You might feel like you’re fighting alone against the world but hey, you have family and true friends. They will never judge you even if you feel that you messed up and failed many times. They will always find a reason to understand you.

I know you’re still trying to hold on and fighting the battle. If you ever felt like givin up, please look for reasons why you keep holding on for so long.

You are maybe sick and tired in all aspects but please don’t give up. If there are millions of reasons pulling you down, find one reason to lift yourself up from that scenario. Remember, how many times times you fail but you choose to bounce back. Consider failure as a challenge for you to overcome it. You are always stronger than your problems. No matter what happened never give up. Just like what others always say,


Most importantly, if you’re tired just PRAY. You might questioned him many times why he gave those challenges and trials to you but believe that He will never gave you something that you’re not capable to handle of. HE will never fail you, Swear!

Just keep going and fight the battle because soon you’ll overcome it and you’ll tell yourself,

“Good thing, I never gave up and what I prayed for too long, I have it right now!”

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