By Sarika Dsouza , India

 Your daughter here,

I know you hate that name, anyone in your place would have but you told me once that never forget what you are, because the world sure will not. Make it your strength. Wear it like an armour and it can never be used to hurt you; and I really live by this now.
But did you really love me? Or you proved your love for the sake of my dad's wealth?

How does it feel to be the Hand of the King? Wellington blake?You must be loving it, you have always loved to play the Game, isn't it? Either be it in the palace or in my life. Heard you've got kids and your enjoying with them, is that true? Emilia, really the Mother of new borns? It must be so cool.
Here I'm left all alone depressed, in pain and discomfort but none of them are any more concerned to you.

When you first saw me, you took me for a walk by the beach side, you played around me and promised to look after me till death. But I was wrong, you are a person who fooled around, played and looked after me for your own concerns. You know what's right for the realm, you know how to win a man even if you don't love much and you know to cheat on loyalty, something I thought that died with my father.

On that topic, I am sorry about my father. He was quite an honorable man but he never loved you, how could he? You killed his dreams, you killed his wife once for all and what were you? A cheat. It must have been a tough time for my dad I presume. My father has always despised you and that got him killed in the end.

I admire you, despite all odds you survive, you live and you thrive. The elders say that you should have died they curse you for ruining my present and future it would have been mercy but you would have disagreed. Death is so final, yet life is full of possibilities.

Hear me mother,
Will you come back? Just for me?