Father's day

By Archana. Mulgund Chappar, India

 Father, Oh Dear Father! You Rock !

Holding your hands, I learnt to walk,
Amazed would be you, to see me scribble with chalk,
I was your twinkle and your talk,
Father, oh Dear Father! You always Rock.

My one stop fix, the one who has a magic stick,
Pumped in confidence and shoved away my anxieties with a click,
For my flaws, never missed to smack me quick,
While I was sulked, to lit me up, you knew the trick.

You crafted my persona, and gave a perfect foundation,
With your support, I could face the dent and start a vocation,
Our relationship needs no dictation,
As blessed I am, to live this fantasization.

For your hard work and selflessness, I have gratitude,
Your infectious energy, takes me high altitude,
I promise, never will I leave you in solitude,
As my love for you, is beyond magnitude.

Happy Father’s Day ❤