First change yourself (based on women empowerment)

By Nikita arora, India

 Peep into the short inches of my crop top .

Stare at my legs.

I would never ever stop.

Some day your sisters and mothers will be in this situation in which today I am.
I’m the one who walks by making way though your narrow and dirty mind.
These things never bother me as I know you will keep your girls as you were all your life.
You call me “prostitute” you give me several tags .

But how coward are you . As you call it behind my back !
I’m not going to change myself as I’m better than your boy and there is nowhere where I lack.

How do even expect me to change as you are still as you were 50 years back.

Stop giving me suggestions as I never beg for your help .

Ask you boy for changing his ways of watching and judging a women.

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