By Jeba Kalai Arasi. G , India

 'It's the fifth time you called ' , he almost shouted.

'Either that or you are asking me to send voice message so many times. Why are you behaving like this? Don't you how busy I get when I go outside? '

She simply replied, 'Sorry'.

She looked as if she won't stop this habit of hers.

He was not satisfied with the reply. ' Atleast tell me why you are doing this. '

'I just want to hear your voice all the time. ' She murdered softly.

'Don't you think this is bit dramatic? ' He laughed.

' I don't know about that. But just that I love the sound of your voice so much. It's like my heartbeat. It seems to remind me I am alive to be with you all the time.

'Come here , my drama Queen ' was the last sentence of the day before he hugged her close to his heart.