By Nikita arora, India

 Full moon night .

You got lost in forest with no light .

You came in this house to save your life.

The place is unknown and alone.

To me you are such a delight .

I’m here watch you side by side.
I’m giving you signals of my presence by

Tuning off and on the lights.

By touching you …

You are so scared.

You are at my place this time even if you don’t know me.

Honey ; you owe me .
I’m going to take your body ..

And later your soul.

I would make you my better half and later I would become whole .

I’ve decided to keep you with me .

And i would never let you leave.

I never did this with anyone who came here.

But for me you are special.

As this good soul.

Ain’t made for this bad world.

So I’m going to give you my mad love .

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