By Rudra Makwana , India

 slowly, sensation by sensation the sun was sliding into the purple horizon.

From their warm connection to the laced fingers, the pearl drop has created a sound like the bullets of separation.

And, the bond stiffens like a frozen flower in the November garden.

Overshadowed by the dark clouds of misunderstandings yet, a silver lining always appear in the gray and cloudy sky.

They are still holding on to each other yet, the nightmare of separation has begun to haunt them.

Irrevocability of the consequences;

The desolation and sorrow has invaded the path yet, there is still a glimmer of hope.

The silent and motionless sea has made desolate yet, the separation has created a deep and endless gulf.

Like the frantic waves of the sea sets pebble apart.

Yet, the pebbles still dance on the reverberation of sea.

The cold breeze is throwing them far apart.

And, rendering all sounds goes mute.

Yet, separation in the midst of the lovers making them fear.

Ecstatic moment has become an unforgettable memory.

Like a palanquin of flowers made by dreams and desires.

The vivid imagination that used to fill the void has vanished.

Like the dreamer startled from sleep.

There is nothing left to be said yet; the eyes of heart are looking for an old connection.

Like the heart is made of the vision of ecstasy, it keeps reminiscing about the old beautiful days.

And, the enchanting images are gravitating around like a dreamer’s heart.

It’s a quite disaster yet, it has set the two worlds apart.