Shiner in the dark!

By Janhavi Waikar, India

 All I could see were the
Spotlights and camera flashes,
Its like everything changed
In a blink of a lash.

No visible faces but
loud and audible crowd,
I saw pride in their eyes
The people that surround.

How my childhood wish
Helped me get on this stage,
With terrible past and sorrow
That I fought with rage.

Sure some people supported
Their hopes for me were deep inside,
My own blood raised their hands
But didn’t change my journey’s ride.

My voice didn’t shake on mic
My fingers never gave up on keys,
This was what I was born for
And this is why my heart beats.

People wait for a turning point
And think it’ll change like miracle,
The fact is, it is you who create
A person that influences the whole circle.