Short stories by Sarika Dsouza

By Sarika Dsouza, India


 The advent of dawn pricked Ruhi's dreams and woke her up with a sense of expectation.
She stood and tiptoed down the stairs,
Went outside and stared at the misty mountains,
Absorbed by the mornings silence.
Her breath formed a white plume in the air,
She felt warm for her heart throbbed with excitement and eagerness.
It was wonderful.
An occasional ghostly plume of smoke that rose from the crown of mountains soon faded into Clear air.
Once absorbed thoughts and memories
Of him in pain
Are now a sigh of relief.
She felt a new existence of enthusiasm and emotions of self-love.
Riddle's of heart were solved,
Back to her dreams she wiggled on the bed with joy.


It was a drizzly evening with sunlit rain drops.
Thoughts colliding in my mind I walked around restless but suddenly an unexpected gust of cool breeze welcomed me to stop by.
I stood admiring a man who held flamboyant colours in his eyes, and I took a deep breath to unwind,
And some lyrics just repeated.
All the flavours embedded in his lips spoke to me.
He moved further and reached me with whispers of happiness and love.
But I had no hopes of love or happiness left,
It hurted me all the time I reached out for it.
So I moved away with the cool breeze vanishing into the darkness.