Why not?… And needn’t be!

By Radhika Mishra, India

 Why not I come back home late?
And needn’t answer all questions asked for doing so…
If boys are allowed to hangup with their friends so late,
And when asked… “We went for a late night show!”?

Why not I wear that dress?
And needn’t change them as they ask me to do…
If boys can come out in their knickerbockers, shirtless,
Me wearing sleeveless is unacceptable, boys in that look cool?

Why not I get a tattoo?
And needn’t take permission for getting one…
When my brother was not even questioned once,
And me to not have a tattoo… is that even done?

Why not I spend my money on myself?
And needn’t tell all where I earned all that from…
when a boy can spend his parents money on girls,
a new girl which he brings every month!

Why not I roam about freely in those streets?
And needn’t fear that someone might chase me…
When that same boy is not asked by his parents what he was upto,
But the girl is accused that it was all her fault, What an analogy!

Is that all you talk about equality?

Then why not have shame on us…
And needn’t give any excuses for it,
When can’t we stand up together to fight for the cause,
And make a society that together we knit?

Credit --> Radhika Mishra