Inappropriate scores

By Dr. Tuhina Gangopadhyay , India

 The class Xth board results are out. Astonishingly, very few students have scored 100% marks in mathematics, even though the paper was known to many beforehand.

Is it not clear from this that it is not easy to solve mathematical problems which have been solved already, if not by them, maybe by some expert? If they were confident enough, they must have barred themselves from such activity. It shows their urge to score high without improving their innate capacity to solve.

Problem solving, specially mathematical problems need a kind of aptitude, and is not based on mere memory. It evokes a particular section of the brain. But when the problem is known and solved already, that section stops working and solution comes from only memory. This repetition of the solving process maybe harder for a student who has a sound mathematical aptitude as their logical brain and memory are both active.

So, it became harder for them to score well. It defeats the aim of taking an examination as the marks don't really reflect the true capacity of the students. This incident of question paper leaking is harmful both to the individual and the system in terms of future stream of study.

Dr. Tuhina Gangopadhyay
Educational Psychologist

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