A Lovely Story - Episode 4

By Jeba Kalai Arasi. G , India
A Lovely Story - Episode 4

 Aaran loved driving a lot but not today. He badly wanted to be at some place where he can stare at her all day. She looked completely different now. She used to be a big chatterbox but was completely quiet now. He tried to have a bit of a small talk.

“You had your breakfast, right?”

“Yes” came the reply with a little smile.

“Your pain is manageable now?”

“Yes” Came again.

“Called your parents this morning?”

“Yes” again.

He decided to stop. Maybe he was looking so nervous and he was obviously blabbering, he thought.

He decided to stop. Maybe he was looking so nervous and he was obviously blabbering, he thought.

He glanced at her and wondered for the nth time about how pretty she is. She caught him glancing and he got stunned. “Will she take me wrong?” He was literally sweating now. He glanced again to come up with a satisfactory explanation on his glancing when he actually saw the most beautiful thing he has ever witnessed. She blushed. Her cheeks went all rose and her lips cupped and hid a sweet smile. Her eyes twinkled and her brows went all arc like a rainbow. He forgot that he was driving and started dreaming. Her magical voice brought him back to senses.

So where are we going? We seem to have come so far.”

“I won’t tell you. It will just spoil the surprise.” Aaran had a naughty smile.

“Please tell me.” She was all puppy eyes now.

“Now if you do this again, I will stop and just look at you all day. You are so cute when you do that. Do you know?” He winked.

She started blushing again and Aaran drove with a new zest to reach fast.

Suddenly she shouted excitedly,” Hey are we going to the beach? I can see it now.”

She loved the beach and visited whenever she could.

He simply smiled.

“But I cannot play in the waters today. My leg is hurting badly.” She looked a little upset.

He smiled again. She continued to follow the beach with her sight. He stopped at the parking lot and rushed to her side to help her out.

“Now gently put your leg down. Don’t strain it. Put your weight on me.” He was reading out instructions with utmost care. She smiled but the pain was written large on her face.

He helped her get down and was about to say something when a brawny big man came to their side and called out, “Sir, its ready.”

“Oh, thanks a lot. We will be there in a minute.”

The brawny man paced ahead.

“Ilakiya, this is Mari. He is a fisherman. He is the one who is taking us out today. “

“Taking us out? Where?”

“To the sea.”

“Hey are you joking?” She asked.

“Sir” They both turned at the voice. Mari was coming back to them with two life jackets.

Now she realized he was not joking.

He instructed how to wear them and asked them to come to the boat.

“I don’t know how this will be. I am really scared.” She voiced her anxiety.

“Never worry when I am there with you. I will take care. Just trust me.” He assured her.

They got in the boat and Mari pushed the boat into the sea, hopped in and started sailing. Ilakiya looked with great fear at the water around her. She loved the beach very much but was not sure whether she loved this ride. It seemed so bumpy with the waves pushing the tiny boat at every side.

Aaran saw Ilakiya and held her hands. “Don’t worry. We will be safe. Mari is an excellent boats man in the sea and also I will never let any harm in your way.” Ilakiya looked at him. “I trust that.”

“Now now just be calm. Nothing will happen.” He gently patted her hand and tapped her shoulders.

“I really think I am going to throw up. My insides are churning.”

He did not know how to calm her and suddenly something flashed his mind. He turned her face to him, gently grabbed her hands and hugged her tight. She was stunned. Aaran could feel her heart beats pounding against his and her breath grow rapid. She was so warm that he felt he will never let go of her anytime from this hold.

“Now, are you ok? Are you feeling something?” He whispered in her ears.

His breath gave her goose bumps that he could see and her ears grew red. He could hear her heartbeats even amidst the loud roar of the sea.

“Aaran” She mumbled.

“Yes” He looked into her eyes.

She said that one sentence for the very first time which she will be repeating all her life.

“I love you.”