The Perfect Sacrifice

The Perfect Sacrifice

The ordinance of old could not bring salvation
It had promises of hope, but it could not pay the utmost sacrifice
The people could not be purified
They had little consciousness of the weight of their sins
The priest stands day after day
Offering the same sacrifices daily
Sacrifices that could not take sins away
The sacrifices performed served as a reminder of past sins

The law failed
Grace was born
The blood of bulls and goats could not take away sins
The perfect sacrifice was needed
That sacrifice was the death of Jesus Christ
He became the forgiveness of all sins
The Messiah, the incarnation, the Second Person of the Godhead
He was obedient to the cross
His death proved the law could not bring salvation
His resurrection brought eternal life to all

Everyone is made holy, through the sacrifice of Christ.
Jesus Christ is the perfect sacrifice that pleases God
Words can’t describe how grateful I am
His love for me is the best gift I have
He took my guilt and sins away
And perfected me for all time

He is the hope of all believers
He will take home the righteous at the time of His Second Coming
Judging all who rejects him and his sacrifice at Calgary
Jesus Christ is the perfect sacrifice
The soon coming king
The one whose kingdom shall know no end

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