There Is Famine In Our Land!

There is famine in our land and nations. We should stand in the gap and never relent in our intercessory prayers. In the land of the Jews, it was severe that cannibalism was practised under mutual agreement. There is famine in our land. God wants us his children to stand in the gap prayerfully. Sometime in March 2014, there only 4,500 vacancies for immigration officers in Nigeria. Saturday 15th March was the date for the interview. Over 60,000 applicants trooped out and a total of 13 persons were trampled to death. What a tragedy it was in a land God has blessed.

Since 2014 till date, poverty, hunger, starvation, and the death toll have not decreased. Rather we see things getting worst. Unemployment skyrocketed, mass burial became the order of the day, the lives of cattle became more priced than the life of any human. The government continue to make empty promises to fight corruption, insurgencies and revive the economy.

Could you imagine that 60,000 persons mostly graduates were interested to wear khaki (uniform) and serve as immigration officials? Could you ponder how the situation is in my country? There is famine in our land. We need to stand in the gap for God to direct our leaders so that the citizen of this country will rejoice in a country God has so blessed.

Apart from unemployment and hunger, let us ensure that we are not starving on account of the word of God. Some are facing great famine in their souls as they lack the word of God. Some also hear the truth preached to them but the old canal nature of sin keeps them starved.

As we attend service in the house of God tomorrow, hear the word of God, let’s do the word, for by so doing, we are feeding our inner man. When we are well fed and nourished in the spirit, we shall through Christ find the courage to strive to remain strong in the face of obscurity, hardship, famine, insecurities, hunger, starvation, kidnapping, prejudices, and corruption.

Let us not continue to starve when there is food on the table. In Christ lies all the riches, wealth and abundance we could ever desire. No matter how healthy people may look, if they are not fed with the word of God they are lean spiritually and the feeblest evil could overrun them. Let us give ourselves a good time to read the scriptures, meditate on them and apply the word.

Let us continue to ask God to change the heart of our leaders and give them the wisdom to act right and govern right. Let us pray against famine in our land today and always.

God bless you.

Blessings and Love

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