Against us

Directing our attention towards finding the difference between us and those who surrounds us has always been one of our greatest weakness as humans. The society on the other hand will always judge you by your actions and the results postulated as true or false, negative or positive. We therefore have a greater assignment that has always been ignored by many, creating time to know more about ourselves and exercising the lessons learnt about the same.

With power comes a greater responsibility and to those entrusted with such power comes fame, recognition and rank. All hail to our heroes, those who brought us to light from illiteracy and traditions passed down from generation to generation, we transformed to fit into the modern world, forever we are grateful.

On the other hand am not surprised that some were blinded by the same power, the respect we gave them, the rank all led to one term Racism. It was a class that was not defined by wealth owned, no, “you are black and you are white” and the cycle continued…

Anyway we all know that the U.N as a body is against the act and equity is all round and paramount to every human. Hopefully the racism narrative will come to an end, but why do we blame the whites for our underdevelopment? Is it because of racism, and if it is do we have to generally blame the ‘whites’. Why can’t we narrow down our anger and direct it towards specific people, or have we forgotten that some of these whites are also struggling to eradicate such an inhuman act from the society. How do we motivate them to continue with such an attitude towards them? Are they really against us, are they the cause for our stagnant growth?

Have you ever sat down and reasoned out on why we can’t reach their levels at the moment, have you ever tried to compare there methods of operations and ours, do you find a much firm reason to why they are ahead other than the common narrative ‘racism’?The common say ‘Africans are oppressed, and not equally treated’ should be scrapped off, how much money do we owe them as debts? Who do we run to for financial support? Are they really against us?

How many African developement projects have you ever supported? How many neighbours have you helped in times of need? Why are our helping priorities to others based on tribal factors, can you really help someone without putting much focus on which country and tribe he or she is coming from. What value do we see in practising tribalism? Jealousy and greed has engulfed most of us while those who we say are against us ‘the whites’ make unitary decisions and support to everyone based on the fact that they all belong and are to be treated equally as members of the same state. Do we really do that in Africa? Then why do we even waste time comparing ourselves to them if we can’t solve such small problems, why are we even shocked at their fast growth rates? Are we really in this fight together, are your eyes opened to see that we are the enemies of our own selves. Growth is not a one man show but each individuals efforts put together as a unit. Don’t be blinded, racism has nothing to do with our underdeveloped state but the answer to all this confusion is based on what we practise. It is the ‘WE’ against ‘US’.

One thought on “THE ‘WE’ AGAINST ‘US’

  1. Good work Max. The battles we fight internally as individuals and as a country is a lot stronger than all external battles put together.

    Thank you for sharing 🙏❤

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