Why Do People Cheat On Their Partner?

Have you ever experienced being cheated on? Or are you a cheater in a relationship? Whether you are the cheater or being cheated on, it is the worst experience ever – for cheater, you’ll regret it sooner or later and for the one being cheated on, you might feel a roller coaster of emotions and it will surely blot out your trust in committing to someone again.

But the question that some people really want to be answered, “WHY DO PEOPLE CHEAT ON THEIR PARTNER?”

I asked a lot of people who have been cheated on and I asked cheaters as well, to make this unbiased. However, most of them doesn’t have any idea why they experienced that. But one thing is for sure, there is a reason behind that.

Here are the reasons why do people cheat:

1) They want to become a different person

It may sounds like they are bad because they want to be different and being different can only be achieved by them through having an affair with another person. Maybe they feel like they are not enough for their partners and they can only see their real personality when they’re with their affair. However, some of them would say that it’s their partner who have a problem that is why they cheat. They put the blame on their partners and that it’s not a good idea. They are trying to explore and experience new things that they don’t experienced with their partner. But still, it is not a license for them to hurt their partner.

2) They are getting the attention that they really want in the first place

Their partner may give the attention that they want but for them it is not enough. It does not satisfy their emotions. They want more than that. They get the comfort from other guy that might lead them to heat on their partner. Sometimes, the comfort and attention that they get from others are more satisfying that what their partners can give. They become so vulnerable to the idea that there is someone better who can give the kind of attention that they want —- Unfortunately, it’s not their real partners.

3) It’s their avenue to end the relationship

Sometimes, if a person is in a toxic relationship, they don’t have any means on ending it and they don’t have the guts to tell it to their partners that they are falling out of love. It is true that it is a bit hard to tell someone that you’re not happy anymore and you no longer want to be with him or her. However, cheating is not a means of ending a relationship. If you really want to end it, tell it. It might hurt him/her but it will be easy for both of you to forget what happened and accept the fact that not everything lasts. Unlike of having an affair, it will not only makes cheater regret it but it will make someone’s life miserable.

4) They want to Retaliate

As we all know, people have different stories. Maybe they’ve been through worst before they decided doing the same, which is cheating. They think that it is an avenue of reciprocating the pain that they got from their past. They maybe a victim of a cheater and it might be a reason why they don’t trust anymore, by doing so, it will not hurt them anymore. Nevertheless, cheating as means of revenge will never be a valid reason. Maybe they’ve been hurt and been through worst but it doesn’t give them any right and license to hurt someone. .

5) They are Selfish

They don’t want to lose their partner because they know that they will lose someone who truly loves them and not just temporary. More like they are afraid of leaving their partner even if they are no longer satisfied. Sorry to say this but maybe they get something from their partners that they are not willing to give it up. Yet, cheating will always be a reason why others are not afraid to take another risk.

I might not state all the reasons why do people cheat on their partner but I hope it will somehow give you an idea why they did that. We can’t deny the fact that even if the couples are genuinely happy together but still cheat.

To those cheaters, I hope you’ll find the real happiness and please if you’re not happy with your partner anymore, just end the relationship instead of cheating. If its not working out anymore, cheating is not the solution. Even if you are suffering some sort of discontent, please never cheat on your partner. You’re just like throwing a precious gem and picking up a rock. Believe me, you’ll continue regretting it if you never realize how bad your actions are. Remember, how that one who truly loves you given their all out effort just to win your heart and in return, you’ll just hurt him/her because you’re not satisfied, you’re selfish and you want revenge. Did you ever think how many times he/she fight for you, without knowing that he/she is already losing the battle. Don’t leave him/her as if you never shared your ups and downs together. Don’t leave them hanging and questioning their worth.

To those people who experienced being cheated on, I know that being cheated on is hard and a grief but I just want to say this to you, YOU ARE ENOUGH! You don’t need to prove and question your worth. It might feel so different now where you don’t know how to start again, to love again, to trust someone again but swear, the day will come that you will get out of that worst nightmare and you’ll find someone that will make you feel how important you are and you never have to prove yourself because you are ENOUGH! Please don’t ever put the blame on you, because it is not your fault. It will never be your fault because they chose to do the stupidest thing. Please don’t allow the emotions you’re feeling right now to bar you from letting go of all the lies. Don’t cling in pain. You deserve someone better. You’ll get through this. I know you will. When that day came, you will learn to love and trust again. Remember, that pain will always leave you with a stronger heart.

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  1. This is a great introspection.❣️🤩 Cheating is not just a habit or phenomenon. It is above all the state of mind. Although the person who feels that they are cheated seems to suffer more mental torments, yet the process of cheating itself has it’s own reason. You have beautifully narrated it. I have read your post on reunion and commented on it. Whether you could see it or not ? I wonder, whether it went to spam comment section. 🤔🤔Do check it.

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