You’ll be the Reason Why Someone Believes in Love Again

The day will come that you will be the best thing that ever happen to someone. Someone who have been experienced being cheated on, being left hanging and others that may characterized how that someone no longer believes in love. But because he/she met you, he/she give it another try.

You thought that you’re no one for him/her, but he/she pictured you as his/her ideal betterhalf. That’s you for him/her. Someone, who heals his/her broken heart.

After months or years of trying to heal and mend their broken heart, they found a reason to smile,trust and love again. They found someone who will be the reason why they will choose to stay and will never run away. He/she will sees you as someone who can run with them in this unfair life. You will be the reason for him/her to pursue the things that they believe they deserve because you make him/her feel that way. You taught them how to be dauntless and not being fainthearted. That’s how you made him/her realize how astounding love can be. Taking another risk but this time to someone who deserves it.

When that day happen, you will be treated as someone who put a light to someone’s dark corner. You will be appreciated not because of that physical attributes but because it is YOU. Someone who embraced his/her flaws and imperfections and accepted him wholeheartedly — No terms and conditions. At the end of the day, he/she finds you as someone who is going to be able to fix his wounded heart and that’s because you are going to make it whole again.

One day, you will be the reason why someone feels that ‘kilig to the bones’ and butterflies in the stomach again. That spark that he/she thought, he will never feel again. You will bring his/her hopes back that someone like him/her deserves better. For the reason that you’re there for him/her, he/she will be able to see their capability of taking another risk and committing again.

As about he/she was ready to close his/her doors to all the chances of loving again, There you are who came unexpectedly. One day, you’ll be the reason why the wall that they’ve built around their coldheart has been destroyed. You never stopped pushing him/her of doing what he/she love. You were there when he/she was messed up yet you never left. You’re the one who healed a broken heart and taught it how to love.

One day, someone will walk into your life and appreciate how much you treasure him/her. When that day came, he/she will tell you straightly that,

“All I know is that loving you is the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. You are the best thing that ever happened to me”

And the sweetest part is that,


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